Is Online Schooling the New Future of Education?

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Covid-19 has put locks on schools and colleges and placed technology on the top. The new wave of education is online schooling. The concept of traditional education suddenly changed with no questions asked. This trend of learning is not a new concept; it has been in use since years and now has come to limelight. When social-distancing is the only weapon to fight Covid-19, educators are learning to work with technology, as well as the students are doing the same.

The world now know that presence in conventional classrooms isn’t the only option to learn, breaking the barriers of traditional methods, online schooling has made its way. Now learning is made possible on the go, study from anywhere, all you need is a device with internet connection. We all must embrace this revolution in the education industry.

Education through Internet – The New Mantra

Online learning was underestimated for long than a novel virus entered the globe and suddenly it became the most desired method of learning. However, the traditional method has its own set of benefits, but what about the technology?

Education sector is now truly embracing the technology and it is a sagacious choice that many made years ago. Online schooling or learning is a constructive learning method for students of all age group.

And as a teacher, you get the comfort to teach from anywhere, on the go, or from the comfort of your home. Keep on reading to know why online schooling is the future of education!

1. It’s accessible from anywhere.

School demands your physical presence, while online schools teach you at the comfort of your home via virtual channels. Virtual schools do not need you to commute from one place to another, thereby saving your time and energy. As well as there are no rigid schedules to be followed. Choosing the technology-powered schools, you do not have to give-up on planning your holidays, as you carry your school wherever you go.

2. It’s Flexible

Online schools are flexible as they allow both teachers and students to set up the learning space as per their choice. The schedules are set as per the availability of all, and this new way of learning will make you technology savvy. The other benefits of online schooling are that it teaches skills for time management and balance in life. It even improves the student teacher relationship.

3. Learn everything You Learn at School 

The knowledge passed on by teachers to their students do not compromise here. The process is same only the medium has changed. The courses and subjects remain the same, but are taught via virtual channels. From your subjects’ classes to music and dance class, everything is possible with the online schooling. We all are getting comfortable with this new trend, it might take a little time but the results will be overhauling the education system.

4. Compared to Traditional Education, it is cost-effective

With online schooling there will a change in fee as the infrastructure cost will be reduced. This online schooling is more or less like homeshooling where cost of education is very affordable. You are at home, have parents by your side and your teacher on the other. This will help parents keep a watch on what their children are being taught and help them with their learning. This cost-effective learning is the new future.

Wrapping Up

These are a few of the many reasons why online schooling or learning could be a new future of the education. There are many students who would say online learning is a better experience than traditional schooling, as with the basic education they get close to technology. Those who recently moved from traditional to online methods, there teachers and students need to work together to achieve the goals. However this online schooling is not for everyone, in a country like India where many do not have access to internet.

Online schooling can be easily adopted in urban areas but rural area will lag behind. But someday, someday we know online schooling will reach every corner.

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