10 Yoga Asanas to Improve Concentration


With the growing age, our concentration also starts dropping. Stress also contributes to concentration drop and brain slowdown. Yoga can easily help you overcome these. With yoga you can easily relax your mind and body, and can improve your concentration as well. Yoga is the best exercise for your brain, which helps it think better, thus making the concentration better.

Check out the 10 yoga asanas that will help improve your concentration:


Padmasana is one of the best known yoga asana. For practitioners this asana is very compatible with different advanced yoga exercises. Even for beginners this asana provides a wonderful opportunity to meditate. Also called the lotus posture this asana requires a practitioner to sit cross legged on a hard surface and put both feet on the opposite thighs. After that close your eyes and take deep breaths focussing just on the inhaling and exhaling process. Try to clear your head of thoughts and relax. It is one of the best relaxing and concentration improving exercises practised nowadays.


Parvatasana is another yoga posture perfect for boosting your concentration. Sit cross-legged on a flat surface and raise your hands slowly till they are vertically just above your eyes. Clasp your palms together and breathe deeply. Depending on your mood you can keep your eyes open and gaze on your fingertips or keep them closed with your head inclined. This asana is also known as the mountain position. It is better to practice this asana in a silent and private area for maximum benefits.



Vajrasana involves sitting on the floor on your knees with your feet beneath your hips and your legs straight and folded. It has many other benefits other than boosting your concentration and is among the most popular asanas. It is practised worldwide and its benefits are improved concentration and digestion along with a laxative effect.


Sukhasana  is another asana that requires sitting cross-legged. Sit with your back straight and your hands lying relaxed and straight on your knees. It is a very relaxing and pleasing exercise and hence is named Sukhasana. Try keeping your mind blank and meditating. You can do some chanting if you want to.

Makrasana :

Makrasana or the crocodile pose is a perfect yoga asana for relaxation of the mind and the body. Lie down on your stomach and fold your arms. Keep your legs slightly apart and place your forehead on your arms. Start inhaling and exhaling deeply. You can practice this posture for about 5-10 minutes for effectiveness.


Balsana is an exercise for mental health and flexibility. Sit on the floor in the Vajrasana and lean forward as much as you can comfortably with your hands outstretched. Try to put your stomach flat on your thighs. Now remaining in this position take deep breaths. This asana not only boosts your concentration but also helps strengthen the lower back. This asana may be a bit difficult to attempt initially so take it slowly.

Anulom viloma pranayama:

Anulom viloma pranayama is an advanced yoga exercise. For this you need to sit down comfortably in the Sukhasan and close your eyes. Now pinch one of your nostrils shut and inhale deeply through the other. Hold your breath for as long as you are comfortable and then close your open nostril and exhale through the one closed before.


Bhramari  is another advanced pranayama. Close both your nostrils and ears and produce a deep constant voice in your throat. If you are doing it correctly you should be able to feel the vibrations of your voice inside your head. This exercise helps control your mind and improves concentration.


Udgeet is similar to bhramari except you don’t have to close your ears and nostrils. Sit in the sukhasana and keeping your back straight pronounce Om in the back of your throat. Repeat this exercise for as many times as necessary.

Shirshasana involves standing on your head and so this posture is not suitable for everyone. This posture involves putting all the weight of your body on your head while remaining vertically upside down using no external support. This exercise is great for mental health.

The Bottom Line

So whenever you feel absent-minded or exhausted. Practice some of the above mentioned yoga exercise to get relaxed. These yoga poses will also help you refocus on your work. Try them out and share with me how it feels!

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