Importance of Healthy Student-Teacher Relationship

Student-teacher relationship

When a child steps out from his home to study in school, he finds one parent like figure there, this is his/her teacher. We are taught through the many couplets written by wise people that the teacher is greater than the God. It’s just not just a surplus but a fact.

A teacher not only gives bookish knowledge to his students, but he knowingly or unknowingly teaches his students to trust others. Remember when you were a kid, how you used to complain to your teachers about the mischievous of other students. A student spends most of the time either in school or at home. At home, parents are always close to their kid but when a teacher comes close to his student, he creates a healthy student-teacher relationship.

A healthy student-teacher relationship doesn’t only help a student in his academics but it also helps to make the student a better person. A healthy relationship between student and teacher works as a strong foundation in the student’s life.

Let’s understand how a teacher can develop a healthy student-teacher relationship.

Student- teacher relationship

A teacher plays an important role in the students’ life. Let’s start it from the very first class of a kid. For example, if a kindergarten teacher speaks harshly or keeps scolding the kid than the kid would not be able to ask questions to his teachers even in high standards. In another case, if the teacher behaves nicely with the kid than the kid will also get the confidence to ask anything to his teacher. A teacher can sort out the behavioural issues in his student easily only by listening to him and motivating him towards positivity.

Most of the students consider their teacher as their role model. A positive relationship between a teacher and a student can be a game changer for the student’s as well as for the teacher’s life. A good teacher can boost up the emotional intelligence in his students and a student’s success can make the teacher more confident about his teaching style.

A healthy student-teacher relationship has a positive impact in student’s academic life. When a student feels that is a teacher is willing to bring out his best, he started working hard. Same in sports, a healthy relationship between a coach and his pupil always resulted as a great player.

Roles played by a teacher in a student-teacher relationship are very important. If a teacher wants he can be the ideal for his students or he can be the most imperfect human for them. It’s always a teacher’s choice that how they want to lead the younger generation.

Behind every successful man, there is a hard work and blessings of his teacher too. In the student life kids are young and full of energy; here the teacher shows right a path to that energy. Many students discussed their subjects’ preference with their teachers. And in most of the cases, the teacher’s choice is right.

Importance of teacher in student’s life

A lot has been said and written about the importance of a teacher in a student’s life. Here I am not going to tell you something new but want you to read these two fine examples of great teacher’s and their students.

My first example is from Ramayana where Guru Vishwamitra asks Ram to pick up the Shiva’s bow to marry Sita. This was the first time when many people see Rama as a special person. And my second example is from Mahabharata, where Krishna plays the role of guide to Arjun and gives him the Geeta Gyan.

Both Ram and Arjun were very intelligent but their teachers showed them a right path when needed. The same thing happens with us as well but we cannot experience it until we have a good relationship with our teachers.

Here we need to understand one important thing that teaching is not limited to the classroom and teachers are not limited to the schools.  When I mention the teacher, it’s not only for school teachers but for that every person who taught you something. This something can be about life, behaviour or any particle or spiritual thing. And those teachers also deserve the same respect which you offer to your school teacher.

It is said that teaching is not just a job but a responsibility. A teacher develops the future of any country. So they (the teachers) deserve immense respect not only from students but from everyone.

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