How Career Counselling Becomes a Saviour?

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Remember the movie Tamasha starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone? The plot is so apt and relatable to our generation’s youth. The movie shows how the lead character leads a monotonous life until he discovers that his job and passion are not in sync. Self Analysis made him realise that he always wanted to be a storyteller and all that frustration which had creeped in his personality was because of a wrong career choice. The era of digitalization has left our youth with innumerable career options. While this has helped out the students to pursue a career while keeping their skills and passions in mind but at the same time the fragile minds with lack of guidance lose their purpose amidst the ocean of options available. This is the point where Career Counselling plays its role. Allow us to lighten your burden by guiding you through your amazing career journey.

The Significance of Career Counselling for a Student

There are several reasons which make career counselling an integral part in the process of making a right career choice. Today there are several online career counselling options available for the students who are stuck after completing their school and colleges or maybe even earlier. A proper counselling session would make the student understand that

  • Every Individual is Unique!
  • Why is Self Analysis the Key?
  • How can teachers and Students become guiding lights?
  • What is the importance of a good circle?
  • The Hard Work required to achieve the goal.
  • Staying committed to the choice made
  • Why should you vent out all your stress?
  • The right career choice will make you more disciplined and responsible.

Every Individual is Unique!

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”

Long gone are the days when teachers and parents used to encourage their child by comparing them with others’ achievements. Through counselling a student should be made aware of the fact that he/she is unique in every way. A student can be good in one subject and average in the other. Making your strength the foundation of your career is the ultimate motive of an efficient career counselling session.

Why is Self Analysis the Key?

“Knowing others is intelligence.

Knowing self is wisdom

Mastering others is strength

Mastering yourself is true Power.”- Lao Tzu

A good counselling session would always focus on Self Analysis. What have you always dreamt of becoming? You become successful when you follow your dreams. A career forced upon you would never help you grow. So an individual should always take out time for analysing his/her strengths, weaknesses and achievements.

How can Teachers and Parents become guiding lights?

“Learn All you can from the mistakes of others. You won’t have time to make them all yourself.” – Alfred Sheinwold

When a student is counselled, the counselor makes sure about how much he/she trusts their parents and teachers. A good counselling session either been done professionally or by parents and teachers should stress on the fact that a healthy parent-child relationship or a teacher-student relationship is important for a student to make a wiser career choice. Their experience and guidance are vital so that the students do not make the mistakes their elders have made.

What is the importance of a good circle?

“Surround yourself with those who won’t compete, but will revel in your success and will see your ascent as a reflection of their own possibilities.”

A good counselling session can make you understand the importance of the company you keep. Acquiring your goal can seem to be a tedious task but not if you have been rightly counselled and you have a good circle. Sharing study materials, tips and even a good quality time with positive friends can increase productivity.

The Hard Work required to achieve the goal

“Hard Work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard”- Tim Notke

After a student has been counselled and been guided to make the right career choice, he/she has to become devoted to the set goal. The purpose of counselling which was to clear all doubts has been solved by this stage and the student is motivated to work hard to achieve all that has been aimed.

Staying committed to the Choice Made

“Motivation is what gets you started, Commitment is what keeps you going.”

A good counselling session will make you believe the importance of commitment. After thorough analysis of your personality, skills, passion and interests through counselling you come out to make a choice which has to be executed in the best way possible. Staying true to your goals combined with the hard work will definitely lead you to success.

Why should you vent out all your stress?

“Calmness is the cradle of Power”- Josiah gilbert Holland

A good counselling session can make a student understand the importance of staying calm. The entire journey to the set goal will be devastated if the student allows the stress to take over his/her ambitions. Students are guided to how they can vent their stress by indulging themselves in productive activities apart from studies. After all, your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges.

The right career choice will make you more disciplined and responsible

Through counselling you opt for a career in which you are actually interested and you believe that you would grow with flying colours. Your interest in the chosen field automatically sets your ambitions to another level and the best part is that you enjoy everything about what you are pursuing. Discipline and responsibility will both come naturally and you won’t feel them as a burden.

Wrapping Up

The importance of counselling cannot be undermined in this age of competition. So why not make the best use of it?

“Choosing the right path is never easy, It’s a decision we make with only our hearts to guide us.”

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