Ways That Help Master Your Mind


Much has been said about the power and the working of a human brain with scientists and physiologists debating over details for centuries. While the question still remains somewhat unresolved and the mystery behind the human mind still isn’t lifted completely, the human mind can be considered as the most fundamental and powerful thing that we use in our life. It can also be presumed that people who learn to master or control their mind have an advantage over others in almost all fields of their lives. It is surprising that while all human beings spend a significant amount of their efforts and resources on trying to look physically good, mental health is not afforded the same importance.

Mastering the mind is very much about thought control. It is about letting yourself function most efficiently while in adverse conditions. While this may sound very difficult mind control can be implemented by following some simple methods. We can upto some extent control our thoughts but it is necessary to eliminate bad thoughts instead of repressing them. Mind mastery is about all these things and much more. Techniques to master the mind are plenty and varied and it’s about choosing the technique that best suits you as all methods aren’t suitable for everyone.


Meditation is a pretty common practice and is done for a variety of reasons. Meditation can be considered as one of the best exercise of the brain. Taking some time off to meditate will help you understand your priorities and be positive. Meditation should be done on a regular basis and preferably in a calm and tranquil area where there is no one to disturb you. Depending upon your inclinations you can go for yoga exercises too. Yoga places a strong emphasis on meditation and so it not only benefits the human body but also helps keep the mind in good health.

Yoga to control mind

Jnana yoga plays a key role in controlling the mind. This Yoga is a path of knowledge, which will give you a supreme experience of absolute truth and can take you to the perfect illumination. Jnana yoga helps you understand the consciousness and its spiritualisation.

Being Positive 

Trying to be positive is an important part of mind control as positivity fills us with energy and helps us perform better. For the mastering of the mind it is necessary to be positive and not to harbour negative thoughts and feelings. Try to retain good memories and forget bad experiences. It is necessary though to remember the lessons bad experiences teach us.

Take your Mind for a Jog

The mind should be sometimes left to wander on its own. Daydreaming or fantasizing isn’t a bad thing if done in moderation and it helps us destress. Reading is a habit that should be developed if you want to control your mind. Try reading conventional books instead of eBooks and Kindle as studies have been seen to indicate that we retain more when we read paper printed books.

Focus on the happier side of life

Let some things be as they are and don’t try to fight everything. There are bound to be some things in life that you don’t like but instead of moping around and getting depressed try making your peace with the issues. Focus on the brighter and happier side. It is necessary to some extent prioritize learning over enjoying as learning things will eventually help you with your life.

The Bottom Line 

If you pay attention to your mind, and the way it works, you will see its negative and positive tendencies. You will realize the meaning of true consciousness and the consciousness identified with thoughts and mind. Once you achieve all this, than you will know everything. You will understand who you are and who you want to become.

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