Self-Assessment Benefits and How to Guide

Importance of self assessment

Self-assessment is an important part of everyone’s life, be it a professional or a students. The little time that we invest in knowing our skills and abilities bring drastic changes in our further life. It is important to self asses your skills from time to time, as it is the best tool to take better decisions and improve ourselves on different points.

This self-assessment guide is specifically for students, who are in higher classes or college. Those who are in college, this is a must to do exercise for you, as you have reached the stage where your decisions impact your future career directly. For those who are still in school, this will help you make better decision on your choices, as in higher studies and what you want to become.

What is Self-assessment?

To put it in simple words, self-assessment is your ability to analyze your skills and progress. This is a power tool that also makes you aware about your strengths, weakness and interests. And the best part of this assessment is that you are the only person who will be judging yourself and suggesting solutions.

The Purpose

The purpose of self-assessment is to make an individual aware about his capabilities and the obstacles that stop him from becoming better. This is a check of your progress and the ways to make further moves. This make you aware about yourself and your decisions. You ask questions to yourself, and you answer. You are best comfortable doing this, as you can ask anything and everything.

Why Self-assessment is Important?

Self-assessment is important for professionals, and is equally important for students too. This is a brief analysis of your skills, progress that you made, knowing your interest and help take better and informed decisions.

Self-assessment is important and the reasons are:

  • Self-assessment makes you confident about your abilities by eliminating the negative thoughts that normally surround you.
  • Self-assessment allows students to assess themselves, know their weak areas and improve on them.
  • It also helps students in choosing the right education for themselves. those who are in 12th can make college decisions easily and those who are in college can make better career decisions.
  • Self-assessment gives a direction to your life, after knowing your strength and weakness, you know where you need to improve and maintain the balance.
  • For college students who are ready for internship or taking up a career, self-assessment will help them write better internship applications and resume and make themselves work ready.

How to Do Self-Assessment?

How to Do Self-Assessment

Self-assessment isn’t a rocket science, it’s a simple practice based on your own rules. It is a systemic approach or a skill that anyone can acquire to examine their abilities and find ways to improve themselves. Even simple practices can be helpful, just create a marking system for yourself and start with the process.

Here is your guide to self asses yourself and ways to improve, make sure you have a pen and paper handy while you do this.

Know Your Abilities

Students in school and college can write all their subjects on paper and give marks to themselves based on the marks obtained or as per their interest. This will make you know what subjects you are good at.

The next step is to write all your strength and capabilities on a paper, like it could be I am good at Mathematics, Science, and Sports. You get to know your skills, which are the things you are good at. These things are also your interest and that’s the reason you are able to say your are good at them.

Know Your Weakness

The subject list that you made will bring up the subjects you need to improve your skills in. It is simple now you know what is stopping you from scoring a high percentage or grade.

The next step is to, write your weakness, it could be I can’t make good choices, Science is not my cup of tea, I try but often fail. Once you complete this list, you have all the areas that are the culprit of keeping you away from what you desire. These are the areas you need to work and improve upon. But remember to have a positive attitude always.

Ask Questions to Yourself

The crucial part of self-assessment is asking relevant questions to yourself. Think of a problem that your trying to overcome but aren’t able to, it could be anything, your low score in a subject, what stream to choose?, how to get 90% etc., just write it down on paper. Now ask yourself what, how, and why questions relevant to the problem. Now you have all the questions.

Some possible questions are:

Why I hesitate to ask questions in class?
Why I get low marks even after I try my best?
Why I feel low on confidence to speak in front of audience?
How can I make myself more confident?
How can I top my class?
What efforts should I put to score 100% in Mathematics?
What would be the best career for me?
What I want to become?
What are the things I like to do?

Your question might differ, the above questions are to help you what questions you can ask during self-assessment.

Find Answers to The Questions You Asked

Now write all the possible answers to the questions. Take your time to think and write. Keep your mind open, whatever comes in, just write it below the relevant question. You can have multiple answers to one question. And this will take you to the solution of the problem.

Find the Solution

Now you have all the questions and answers to those questions. Start clearing or cutting the options you think have the lowest priority. Doing this will take you to the solution.

The Bottom Line

You can also make a realistic list of your goals and desires and rate yours chances of achieving that based on skills on a scale of 1-10. Also to improve your personality, give yourself percentage on confidence, enthusiasm, friendliness, self-confidence, communication, public speaking, question asking etc. Knowing all this about yourself will make you self aware, thereby help you in making better decisions and improving everyday.

There are no one-fit-all self-assessment questions, as you we all are different, and have our own skills and weakness. You have to draw your own questions and find answers to that. So, don’t wait do your self-assessment today, because it is important.

We hope this guide is helpful to you! Let us know in the comments below!

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