Career Counselling Can Help You Reach Your Career and Job Goals

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Who says that things need to be done alone by oneself? Sometimes, it is imperative that one seek external help to gain insight into what they should do. This is especially true for those who are not sure how their careers should progress because of feeling lost or stuck at a crossroads. If you are finding yourself looking at your present-time opportunity and something feels out of place, take this article as an invitation to learn more about career counselling.

How to Reach Your Career Goals?

  • You can gain more insight into your gut feeling about what you want to do by evaluating your work history. If you’ve held many jobs in the same field, this may be an indication that you’re leaning towards a single profession.
  • On the other hand, if your work experience spans careers, it could mean that you feel stuck or aren’t sure what you want to do next. The skills that are most often mentioned are organization, customer service ability, physical stamina, strong logic skill sets, abstract thinking process, oppositional interpersonal behavior and appreciation of variety.

What You Can Expect When Talking With a Career Counsellor?

Career counselling is designed to help you succeed in the career of your choice. When you first contact a counsellor, it’s likely they will provide you with a professional assessment of your skills and personality traits. From there, the counsellors can help you with a personalized plan for success based on your skills and needs. Whatever it is that’s holding you back from reaching your goals, a counsellor can find a solution for you.

How Can a Career Counselling Session Help?

  • Career counselling can make you more aware of your potential and motivate you to take the steps necessary to achieve it.
  • Peer-supported sessions help define achievable goals, assess strengths and weaknesses, explore options, strategize about how to market oneself, assess interest in career change, explore personality types like introvert or extrovert, identify personality traps like resting on previous achievements rather than risk exploring new opportunities, explore one’s contribution to society in non-work situations, reaffirm who you are at baseline before assessing changes in self.

Wrap Up

For many of us, it’s not always easy to know what we want to do — and we certainly don’t want to spend the rest of our lives doing something that makes us unhappy. Career counselling can help you set achievable career and job goals within your given timeframe by figuring out exactly what you enjoy and then associating that with job possibilities. Through guided sessions, you will learn about your own strengths and motivations, which will help you identify your perfect jobs match.

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