Top Success Tips for Students That You Don’t Know (Yes, Really)

success tips for students

Do you find successful students good at everything, be it studies, sports or competitions? They indeed are those who follow smart strategies. Don’t worry, we have top success tips for students that you need to know.

You have been suggested to work hard to be successful in life, but for success hard work is not the only factor that matters. The key for efficient learning and ultimate success is smart learning. With the introduction of technology in the education sector, it becomes essential. The days of studying 24×7 for success are gone, now even an hour or two of studying a day can take you to success. The time has come when you must know that making your learning smarter is the way to survive and complete.  

Now you might want to know, what is the mantra of success for these students?

The answer is easy they use smart ways of learning, they work hard, but are not solely dependent on that. They have positive attitude and a never give up motto that keeps them running for their goals. And someday they are able to achieve that.

Before we share the success tips for school students, you must know that these are also the success tips for college students. But before we proceed, let us tell you the common mistakes that students make.

Common Mistakes that Students Make

  • Not paying attention in class.
  • Not knowing their responsibilities as a student.  
  • Hesitating in asking questions when something is not clear.
  • Not giving enough time to studies after school/college.
  • Not taking notes from the starting day.
  • Studying alone, not discussing doubts with teachers or friends.
  • Depending on other for assignment work, not completing assignments on their own.
  • Underestimating their potential, comparing themselves with others.

Avoid these mistakes, also there are sources from where you can take help, if you have a doubt or you want to improve your ways of learning. Scroll down!

Students Can Take Help From

If you want to make your student life a successful journey, take help from these resources.

  • Ask questions to your teacher or instructor.
  • Make a successful student as your study partner, one for each subject.
  • Take help from a tutor, if you are unable to ask questions in class.
  • Use library for study, make the most of your free time.
  • Take help of internet resources to understand a topic.

Now let’s move to the powerful tricks and tips for student success that you need to follow form today!

Be Organized

Do you feel proud in calling yourself a one night fighter when it comes to exams? Well, you should not, you need to be organized. Make a schedule for your studies, keep things organized.

A few tips for you

  • Plan your studies on a daily basis.
  • Revise what you have been taught in class.
  • Make a to-do list for the day.
  • Update your study timetable on a weekly basis.

Becoming organized is your first step towards success.

Choose Your Friend Circle Wisely

A part of your success depends on the friend circle that you have, so choose your friends wisely, they should be the people who can also be your study group.

Study group is important for smart learning, when you have good students in your friend circles, you will see healthy discussions as well.

Active Participation in Class

The students, who you call the toppers of your class, are the people most engaged in a class. They participate in class, always have questions and never hold back their questions. Participating in a class drives you to think and develop interest in the topic. So, never attend a class just because you have to, but get involved in the class to make the most of your class time.

You must ask questions, no matter how stupid it may sound to others. You have a doubt, you must not take it home with you, clear it in the classroom itself.

Make Good Notes

Notes does not mean writing each and every word on paper, instead you need to listen, understand and decide if it is important to be included in the notes. Notes play a great role in revision and exam time; they save your time, and in fewer words make you understand a topic completely.

Know the best practices to make notes, a few are:

  • Keep your sentences brief, bullet points will be the best way.
  • Write what you find important.
  • Use diagrammatic representation where needed, with text.

Study Smarter

Have you ever experienced that even after working hard, you ended up getting average grades? Yes you did! And the reason is you lacked the smartness. Not the new mantra of success is smart work, not hard work. However, hard work is important, but when combined with smart work you save time and learn faster.  

Learn how to study smarter:

  • Active participation in class is the first step.
  • Explain a topic to a friend, this will be your revision of the topic as well as will clear any doubts that you have.
  • Study every day, don’t wait for the night before exam.
  • Make regular notes, and revise every day.
  • For subjects like Mathematics and Physics, solve practice problems on a daily basis to improve your skills.

Include these smart study hacks in your student life for improved results.

Break Task into Smaller Parts

If you find a task very big, the best way to complete it is to divide it into smaller parts. Things when small in size, they look easy to do. So divide topics into sub topics, this will make learning easier and take less time in completing a topic.

Believe in Yourself and Have a Positive Attitude

Self-confidence is what I am calling believe here, you must believe your abilities. Also, always have a positive attitude and growth mindset. When you will believe in yourself, failures can never be an obstacle. Remember, the sun rises again after every sunset. So, stay confident and put in your best efforts.

A few tricks to help you stay confident:

  • Go slow and steady, there are no shortcuts to success.
  • Failures are your new learning.
  • Set real goals and stay focused.
  • Self-confidence and over confidence are two different things.

Time for Self-Assessment

Well, student success is incomplete without self-assessment. It is important to test your knowledge regularly for optimum results. If you follow a strategy that includes more of study and less tests, you need to do a few tweaks; the new strategy should include study, test and again test.

This new strategy will help you remember things for longer duration.

Time Management

Time management is an art that can be learned. Divide and manage your time efficiently. Also, during exams you need to keep a watch on time to write all that you want to for good scores.

Keep time for studies, playing and family, take a day off and spend the whole day with family.

Stay Fit and Eat Healthy

Health is an important factor of everyone’s life; we achieve more if we are healthy and fit. To stay healthy, you must eat healthy and include a form of exercise in your daily routine.

Stay away from junk and too much caffeine. Choose healthy food options or I would say eat at home. Include foods that are good for brain and body.

Now, for exercise, it is important to give your brain a break, so go out for a walk, play an outdoor game, listen to music, dance for a while, do yoga, or any other form of physical activity that you like.

Sleep is Vital

Don’t include long study hours in your schedule, especially late night study. Sleep is important to keep your brain working at its best. So never compromise on sleep hours, take 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Sleep is important for body and brain.

Sleep deprivation is one of the reasons that hamper your performance in class and school. So, avoid late night studies to stay stress free.  

Stay Away From Distractions

In today’s life mobile phones and television are the main distractions. So keep them away while you study, in order to stay focused and maintain the concentration.


Success is something that anyone can achieve, with the right strategies and growth mindset. Opportunities knock every door, those who grab it, taste success. Here today, we have shared the best success tips for students that will help you grow as an individual and get the limelight to always desire for.

Learn, understand and practice are the mantras to success, accompanied by a few more things that we already have discussed. Follow the above success hacks to get a spot in the list of high-performing students!

If you want to add something to this success guide, write your suggestions in the comments below!

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