11 Effective Habits That will Help You Learn 100 Percent Faster And Better


According to Aristotle a Philosopher “the roots of education are bitter, but the fruits are sweet.” If you want to set up expectations and achieve them, the truth is it will probably take you a two months or more for the habit to sink into your life. Determination and consistency are essential to learning new habits.

Here are some tips on habits to help you learn 100% faster and better.

1. What Is Your Study Modality?

We all ingest information in multiple ways. If you are a visual person, diagrams, pictures, power points will work best with you when learning. If you learn best by listening, you will love podcasts, audio tapes, YouTube, and listening to lectures. If you love reading and writing like I do, taking notes is a suit for you. Lastly, if your mode of learning is through physical activities, experimenting and learning with your hands is best fit for you.

2. Exercise Regularly.​

A routine physical activity has repeatedly shown to improve various cognitive functions. Every morning from 6 to 7 AM I take a jog of about 4 miles. A daily workout will make your mind feel fresh and incredibly clear. During the morning hours one can do quality work that is 100% effective. Morning hours is said to be the best for work because your mind is fresh and alert.

3. Learn From Experience.

Nothing beats like practical knowledge. You may never know the difference between lemonade and lemon until you taste it. Most entrepreneurs like Richard Branson took a step in business they had no expertise in it. He was not an expert in the airline, but he started one. Today Virgin Airlines is one of the most preferred airlines in the world.
Take a step today!

4. Handle One Task At A Time.

“You cannot serve two masters at the same time”. When you focus on a particular task, the results are efficient than when multitasking. Do one task at a time.

5. Examine Yourself Routinely.

Testing yourself in a field like an interview, skill or a presentation you will be more prepared for any form of a question that may be asked. Testing yourself helps you to be calm and composed. Practice in front of a mirror or research about the topic you are to present. Practise makes your work perfect. Make this a habit, and you will learn at a fast speed.

6. Share Your Knowledge.

Share your experience with others, and you will retain 90% of what you learned. Teaching others will help you know how well are you versed with your topics and discover any gaps. With time you will be the master in your area of specialisation.

7. Have A Rest When You Need To.

Study hard and smart. Our brain concentration cannot last for too long. You need to take short breaks as you study. You can take a break after 30 minutes great reading. Take some water and stretch for 5 minutes before resuming. This will relax your mind and give you more energy to work.

8. Don’t Cram But Memorize.

When you understand what you are reading, it will be easy for you to remember. When you cram topics or readings, 99% of it will not be remembered. Cramming is not useful; understanding concepts will give fruitful results.

9. Get Enough Sleep.

According to studies, sleep deprivation contributes to disorientation, stress and can lead to depression. Adequate sleep rejuvenates your body and mind. Enough sleep will help you learn faster, and your memory will improve 100%.

10. Write It Down.

When studying have a notebook and pen to jot down key points. Research has shown when you write down key phrases and words you will be able to recall the key points when reading. You can write questions and answers to make you understand more and fast. I use Evernote to sync all my important notes from my devices. Evernote scans read written notes and keep track of audio notes. You notes are kept safe in Evernote.

11. Get Suitable Environment

Identify appropriate environment that is comfortable, safe and organized that will help you focus. Figure out time of the day when you feel your mind is alert and use that time to be productive either in studying, teaching, or accomplish a project.

Bottom Line:

Learning is an ongoing process. When we learn, we grow more mentally and physically. What to feel alive? Continue learning! Hope this article has helped you in one way or another. Learn these habits, and you will be amazed how fast and effectively you will learn.

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