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The education system in India is job oriented system. What is studied by students helps them to get a better job in a good organization. From a very early phase, it is implanted in their mind to have careers shine with high perk jobs. The first career advice for students is given by their parents, family and friends. Usually, the education of students in India is divided into two sections school and college.  Since the competition became tough the third section called competitive exams became important to get a job with a good salary. You can say this raised the need for career guidance for students from their childhood.

The Indian education system is such that in the 10th standard, you need to get excellent marks to get admission in top-class College. In the 12th class, you need to get excellent marks as well as clear various entrance exams to book admission in your desired stream. That means you are supposed to perform well in every subject. You cannot single out your favourite subjects and do well in only those. You have the freedom to choose your stream but you can’t opt to perform best in only relevant subjects to that stream. Overall you need to perform excellently in exams.

Why one must be open to other options?

Here, one may ask about those who perform average, because all are not going to be the toppers. In their case, the counselling tips from experts can help to decide their career path. To support this, the experts need to work on the student’s mind to know his area of interest. The students who are brilliant in their studies need no guidance in their educational path but students who are stranded with lower grades need it desperately. The counsellor needs to study what strength the particular student possesses and based on that study they can carry out career counselling after 12th. Most students in India desire to take either engineering or medical after 12th. This is the way they are brought up and taught. While in 12thonly they get aware of other fields.

In today’s competitive world we should give freedom to children to decide what they want to be. Everyone can’t become an engineer or a doctor but all parents think my child can. That is why it becomes a rat race. As of now, there are so many engineers that many are struggling to get a job, leave aside high salary packages. In medicine, one needs to put a lot of money to establish practice. The best option is to understand what the bright area of a student is and encourage him to develop it with high skills. At least he will not have to struggle to make his life because whatever he will progress it will be his satisfaction.

What is the go forward?

How best we can understand the requirement and move ahead? Well, for that to happen, we can go to the experts in the field. If you try and search, you will find best counselors, you have the best career counselling available online for your help. You can consult the top career counselors in India who are certified and have years of experience in doing the same.

Career counselling can be classified as an art as it involves a lot of complex matters of understanding the pain and desire of students. It is not easy to get what you want, from students. If parents want their children to have faithful advice and proceed on a correct path, they can have career counselling by experts. They can help their children to get the best career guidance and career decision making skills. There are many branches for the students who desire to have a different and challenging career. Some required skills for those careers your child maybe already having, you never know.

Let us see what some of careers suggested by experts and what are they:

  • Architecture: Very innovative field for creative minds. Skills needed for this are keen observation, critical thinking, aesthetic sensitivity, idea to use space efficiently, and an eye searching for details. In recent times there has been rising demand in the Architecture field due to the emergence of huge malls with awesome designs, buildings like Burj Khalifa, and many. The clients are looking for more and more creative things and they won’t bother about money if creation is outstanding.

Career Opportunities in Architecture: Urban planning, Urban Design, Sustainable Architecture, Landscape Architecture, etc.

Top Colleges: IIT Roorkee, JJ College of Architecture, IIT Kharagpur, National Institute of Technology, Trichy, etc

  • Physics: a field very close to engineering. Those who missed their bus to engineering can surely take this as a career option. Every object around us is a law of Physics, be it a smartphone or credit card. By studying matter, magnetism, and energy in physics students can do advanced research in various fields. One needs to have strong logical thinking, problem-solving, methodical approach skills.

Career Opportunities in Physics: Aerospace, Econophysics, Defense, Healthcare, Medical Physics, etc.

Top Colleges: IISc Banglore, IISER, Hansraj College, Delhi; St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, etc

  • Chemistry: Learning about various chemical properties, structures, reactions between chemicals, and other useful knowledge about chemicals is an exciting study. One can research any subject related to chemistry. Pharmaceuticals and petroleum industries seek Chemistry graduate students

Career Opportunities in Chemistry: You can explore a career in sub-fields of Chemistry like Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Flavor Chemistry, etc.

Top Colleges: St. Stephan College, Delhi; Loyola College, Chennai; Fergusson College, Pune; St. Xavier College, Mumbai; etc

  • Mathematics: If you like numbers you must like Mathematics. Most of the students are not very well in Mathematics. There are several students who opt out of Mathematics in their post 12th study. However, Mathematics gives you a very strong base to solve computation, numbers, and data. One can thoroughly understand the mathematical principles and their origin, mathematical models, and their applications, and gain strong logical sense to solve critical numbers.

Career Opportunities in Mathematics: Data Science, Banking, Actuarial Science, Finance, Insurance, Market Research, Product Development, etc.

Top Colleges: Indian Statistical Institute, IIT, Mumbai; IIT Kharagpur; IIT Guwahati; IISc Bangalore; Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai; NISER, Odisha; etc

  • Statistics: Statistics is more of an analytical field of numbers. While Mathematics teaches you more theories and principles, Statistics deals in analyzing trends and make predictions. Statisticians have the upper hand over Mathematicians because they blend their knowledge of Statistics and Mathematics to analyze the data which results in the solution of a problem in any field. You need to be self-motivated, have strong quantitative reasoning, and do not get tired while working for numbers.

Career Opportunities in Statistics: Investment, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Pharmacology, Data Science, Actuarial Science, etc.

Top Colleges: Indian Statistical Institute, Hindu College, Delhi; Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi; Fergusson College, Pune; IIT Bombay; IIT Kharagpur; St. Xavier College, Kolkata; etc.

  • Aviation: You can work as a Commercial Pilot, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, etc

Top Colleges: Rajiv Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy, Rajiv Gandhi Academy of Aviation Technology, Bombay Flying Club, etc.

  • Ethical Hacking: This is part of official hacking, unlike the cybercriminals. You can learn to protect the highly confidential data of an organization. You can work as Network Security Officer, Network Security Administrator, Security Consultant, etc

Top Colleges: There are certification courses for this like Indian School of Ethical Hacking, EC Council, etc.

  • Merchant Navy: One can work across various departments of a merchant ship like the engine department, deck department, architecture department, and catering department.

Top Colleges: Indian Maritime University, International Maritime Institute, Coimbatore Marine College, etc

  • Industrial Design: Information Technology, Automobile Industries, Product Designer, Research Department for the manufacturing sector.

Top Colleges: National Institute of Design, IIT Mumbai, Srishti Institue of Art, Design, and Technology, Indian School of Design and Innovation, etc.

  • Forensic Science: Forensic Scientist, Forensic Toxicologist, Crime Scene Investigator, Forensic Anthropologist, Forensic Ballistic Expert, Polygraph Examiner, etc

Top Colleges: Gujarat Forensic Science University, Punjab University, Delhi University, Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science, Delhi.

  • Computer Applications: Software Developer, Network Administrator, Database Administrator, System Analyst, Technical Writer, Web Designer, App Developer, etc

Top Colleges: Christ University, Bangalore; St. Xavier College, Mumbai; SRM University, Chennai; etc

  • Fashion Technology: Design and development of fabrics. You can learn Computer-Aided Design.

Top Colleges: National Institute of Fashion Technology

  • Defense: Air Defense, Combat Squad, Army Services Corp, etc

Top Colleges: Need to clear the NDA entrance exam after 12th.

  • Animation and Graphics: Exponential growth in the Animation and Graphics industry is one of the main reasons you can opt for this. With the high demand for visual effects in the TV and film industry, you can showcase the skills in VFX, post-production, and CGI. With the development of technology in India now we don’t need to call experts from foreign countries.

Career Opportunities: Graphic Design, Game Design, Web Design, Digital Art, 3D Modelling, Flash Design, etc

Top Colleges: National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad; IIT Bombay; Indian Institute of Digital Arts and Animation, Kolkata; Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic; etc

  • Physical Science: It is a very vast field that includes the study of inorganic materials such as earth, space, and atmosphere. One can have work in Disaster Management, Astronomy, Geology, etc.

Career Opportunities: Astrometeorology, Astrobiology, Geohydrology, etc

Top Colleges: IIT Bombay, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological Institute, Hyderabad; etc.

These are just a few names from many, but they surely are a rewarding and successful career for all those who have interest and skills in the field.

Wrap Up

In case you desire to have a career that shines, you at education level must get some get career guidance for students. Your entire life is going to depend on the choice of the career and it is very difficult to change career path midway. Counseling tips by experts are valuable and you make the best decisions when you take career counseling after the 12th. And the reason is you need to give water the plant very carefully when it is in the germination stage. It is very important to get the correct career advice for a student to help him/her achieve the  goals and fulfill the dreams.     

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