Laptop vs Smartphone: Which is Worth Your Money?

computer vs smartphone

Technology is the new face of today and tomorrow. The people who are rich in technology are considered as one of the richest people in the world too. Electronic devices like mobile and laptop have become the sole of today’s generation and this will continue for a lot more generations to come.

Innovations and technological competition give rise to indirect conflict or cold war between the capabilities of various devices, such as the war of people’s choice of notebook vs laptop or even the latest technological war of computer vs smartphone. Such technological wars do not end at any point and in fact, bring a lot of new and unique things into existence as a result of the same.

Advantages of using a Laptop over a Smartphone

When 2 important and primary devices, i.e. mobile and laptop, fight with each other for supremacy, a new and innovative creation takes place. But, there are some things that a smartphone can never do in comparison with that of a laptop.

A list of such Advantages of using a Laptop over a Smartphone can be presented as follows-

Physical keyboard experience:

A few years ago when laptops were introduced, people had a lot of problems regarding operating the keyboards. But now, technology and people’s intelligence has greatly evolved and with this evolution, the importance of the physical keyboard is known to people in much larger intensity.

That is why this is the first and most important thing that makes a laptop much prior and easier to handle than a smartphone. The outstanding experience that people get by working on a physical keyword cannot definitely be compared with the touch-screen or on-screen keyboard present in the smartphone.

This is one of the most important advantages of a laptop over a smartphone that can make you think twice if you are going to buy a smartphone over a laptop.

Wide Storage Capacity:

The storage capacity of a laptop is surely very huge as compared to the storage capacity of a smartphone. A smartphone can handle a maximum of 128 GB extended storage and does not have more than 10 GB internal storage. Whereas, a laptop has its internal storage as 128 GB and it can be extended in a few TB too.

So, in comparison with the storage capacity of smartphones and laptops, a laptop is always on top and this scene is quite impossible to change even shortly.

Also, a smartphone may start to hang a lot as soon as the extendable storage is about to get filled. On the other hand, a laptop may send you an alert about the storage getting filled and it can also access its auto cleaning process if you grant permission of the same. This is a little difficult in the case of the smartphone.

Great compatibility:

The compatibility of laptops is very grand and that is why they can last for a longer period as compared to smartphones. Smartphones need to be changed or replaced from time-to-time because of the inconvenience it gives to the people after a particular time.

But, this time comes very late in the case of laptops as they are one of the most long-lasting devices invented today.

The credibility and compatibility that a laptop can provide cannot be compared with the low credibility and compatibility of a smartphone. That is why people prefer having great compatibility and a long-lasting device, preferably a laptop over any smartphone present in the market.

Insertion points for DVD/VCD:

The laptop has special features that any other device rarely has. It has insertion points for DVD or VCD and this facility is currently available only on a laptop. This important facility provided by the laptop makes it a very special and unique device among all the others that are compared with it.

This property also comes with special attention of people towards itself and makes the laptop much more popular than a smartphone. The immense power that a laptop gets because of this advantage cannot be compared with any other device, it is especially incomparable with the smartphone for sure.

Amazing software facility:

The software of a laptop is truly very amazing and grasps a lot of data and information in it. This quality is surely mind-blowing and solely possible only in a laptop and not in a smartphone or a notebook.

So, a laptop has all it takes to be an outstanding and mind-blowing device and that is why it is special for the people who have heavy workload and pressure and also for those who do not compromise in their working style.

The above advantages prove that a laptop is not at all behind in the computer vs smartphone conflict and presents some amazing features which are impossible for a smartphone to present for the people.

Advantages of using Smartphone over Laptop:-

A smartphone can be any handy device such as a small phone or even a notebook. That is why the competition between a laptop and a smartphone can also be presented as a notebook vs laptop.

Some amazing Advantages of using a Smartphone or notebook over a Laptop can be listed as below-

Can be carried anywhere, anytime:

The most important benefit or advantage of using a smartphone over a laptop is that it can be carried anywhere and anytime. A smartphone is a simple and handy device and that is why carrying it with you wherever you go will surely not be a big deal for you.

On the other hand, carrying a laptop needs a lot of setups and it is also not possible to carry such a heavy device everywhere and at all times.

That is why when compared based on flexibility and ease of usage, smartphone surely gets a special plus point and laptops will definitely have to sit back and relax.

Can be easily connected to other devices and networks:

There are almost all smartphones and tablets that work on Wi-Fi networks and can be connected to both private and public networks. But, technology is still a little slow in making a huge amount of Wi-Fi working laptops worldwide.

Only specific laptops have the facility to get connected with Wi-Fi networks and that too not for too long distances.

So, smartphones give you the convenience to get connected with any free or password-protected network (once you get to know the password) in any area or location where Wi-Fi networks exist. This adds up to the importance of smartphones compared to the importance of laptops in a much larger way.

Voice Calls are easily possible:

The laptop has become very advanced and updated with time but still lacks behind in a lot of aspects. One such aspect is calling. The laptop does not offer the calling facility, even if the latest model of the same is purchased.

A smartphone is still way ahead of a laptop in case of voice calls and this factor makes a smartphone much convenient and necessary than a laptop.

Also, the latest and advanced features of a smartphone in regards to voice calling have brought the smartphone much ahead of time and has made the laptop step behind without any doubt.

Text messaging is possible on Smartphones:

One more unique and most important facility provided by the smartphone is a text messaging facility. Text messaging can only be done with the help of a smartphone and a laptop cannot have this feature at all.

However, the latest laptops have some special software that helps them to communicate to a huge mass of people by sending online messages to them all at once which they can receive on their mobile phones as text messages.

But, this facility is software and it compulsorily needs a huge mass of people to be involved. Such software doesn’t have the capacity to target a particular person from your contact list and send a message only to that person.That is why a smartphone is surely superiorto that of a laptop in this case.

Many features in a single device:

A single smartphone has indefinite features that a laptop is surely incapable of holding even if it faces a lot of up-gradation and advances in its form. A smartphone can hold a lot of things at the same time such as a camera, storage, text messaging, calling, gallery, clock, videos, etc. This all-in-one featured device makes its existence very unique and special in its own way.

The above advantages of using a Smartphone over a Laptop increase the curiosity of the people regarding the computer vs smartphone technological conflict whether which device to support and which one wins the attention of more people than the other device.

Laptop or Smartphone – Which device to be preferred?

From all the above analysis and information, it is quite clear that the smartphone or notebook vs laptop competition brings a lot of new and innovative ideas in front of the people and helps them to explore more and more technological world. But, still there are a lot of things that can help you properly differentiate between a smartphone and a laptop.

If the question is which device to be preferred among the mobile and laptop, then the answer is the device that gives you more convenience than the other. People who want the facilities and features provided by a smartphone can choose and buy a smartphone or a notebook (tablet). Whereas, the people who want to take advantage of the special features and facilities of a laptop can choose it as their device. In short, it depends on the people and their necessities which device will be best for them, and which one should they ultimately choose. Both the devices are equally unique and special and the healthy competition between them does not harm the humans in the case of quality as well as physical attributes. But, the most important question is whether people know the limit of using these electronic devices? And also, do they have any problems or disabilities because of over usage of the same?

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