How to Prepare For Aptitude Test?

prepare for aptitude

An aptitude test is very quintessential and necessary in testing your problem-solving ability, it’s a tool that is used to test how efficient and effective you are in a particular skill. It’s used to test your capacity and intelligence quotient.

Aptitude test is commonly used for screening of employees, it has also been a part of the entrance examination for many educational institutions according to, many organizations uses aptitude test, in order to ascertain the abilities of their members.

Aptitude test is very necessary in the public, private and educational sector. When one fails an aptitude test, it could be concluded or ascertained that the person is not fit for the job. As we elucidate more on the topic, you will definitely know how to prepare for an aptitude test, how to crack aptitude test and how to practice well, you will definitely have a handful of information as we sail through.

How are Aptitude Test Written?

  • For you to know how to prepare for aptitude test, you must know how they are written also, it’s very necessary.
  • They are mostly written online, though some are written offline, but majority are online, immediately after the applicant has made their initial job or exam application. It’s just like a system used to filter the applicants that are unfit for the selection process, they are filtered out which will help to conserve time for one to one interviews.
  • They are taken online, or at a testing centre, such as a firm’s office, they could be paper-based there.
  • The Aptitude test is written is not an indication that one is perfect, but it aims to give a signal on how candidates could respond or react to challenges they will likely face in their day to day duties in the organization or educational institution.

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Types of Aptitude Test

In preparation of the Aptitude Test, there are many aspects and segments that one needs to understand. Let’s take a look at what they are:

Numerical Reasoning Test: Here, your ability to interpret data and do basic Maths is assessed including fractions and percentages and currency translation.

Verbal Reasoning Test: Here, your ability is assessed on how to comprehend passages of test, and make accurate deductions.

In-Tray Exercises: This provides simulation of an email inbox where you are required to respond to an imagined scenario, it will be followed by an interview at an assessment centre.

Diagrammatic Test: It measures your logical reasoning under strict time condition. They require you to bring out a set of rules from a flow chart or similar diagram and then apply those rules to a new situation.

Situational Judgment Test: It uses psychology in assessing your judgment in resolving problems.

Inductive Reasoning Test: A candidate’s abstract reasoning ability is examined here.

Cognitive Ability Test: This measures intelligence through logic, reasoning and problem-solving exercises.

Mechanical Reasoning Test: Your ability to apply mechanical or engineering principles to problems are assessed here. They are also used for technical roles.

Abstract Reasoning Test: Diagrams, Symbols or Shapes are used here instead of words or numbers. They involve identifying the underlying logic of a pattern and then determining the solution to test general intelligence and reasoning ability.

Spatial Awareness Test: Your ability to form a mental image, and visualize movement or change between them is assessed. They are often used in application for jobs in design, engineering and architecture.

Watson Glaser Tests: These are majorly used by law firms in order to assess a candidates ability to critically check and consider arguments. Here, there are five types of questions, each test a different aspect of critical thinking(interference, assumptions, deductions, interpretations, and evaluation of arguments)

Error Checking Tests: They are unusual type of Aptitude test,  which focuses on your ability to identify errors in complex data sets, such as codes, or combination of alpha-numeric characters.

How to Prepare for Aptitude Test: Practice and Preparation for Aptitude Test

Practice in Advance

You must prepare and practice in advance, which will enable you know how to crack aptitude test. Many have failed to understand this and that is why they perform so poorly in when they are tested. When you prepare and practice in advance, it will definitely increase your performance in the real test.

Practice exam questions and also know the type of test that will be given by completing practice questions. Even basic words and number puzzles may help you become used to comprehension and arithmetic number of the test. With all these put in place you will definitely know how to crack aptitude which is very important and all encompassing.

Preparation before the test

Aptitude test should be treated very serious, it shouldn’t be taken for child’s play, it should be treated like an interview. You should sleep well the night before the test, plan your journey to the test site, then you should be neatly dressed and arrive on time. You have to listen to the instruction given and follow them carefully. All these are very important, it’s a critical factor that must be put into consideration.

Before the actual aptitude test, you will probably be given some practice examples to try, you have to ask question if it’s unclear to you, learn how to always draw the attention of the invigilator whenever some instructions are not clear to you. You will be given a paper where you can make rough workings on, you could be asked to submit it with the test but it don’t form part of the assessment.

Many people have failed to comprehend the rudiments of how to prepare for aptitude test, how to crack aptitude test, if one doesn’t put all these criteria into consideration, it will be a gross failure for that person. You must have certain handful knowledge on the test which will enable you to know how to crack aptitude.

One has to take the preparation of aptitude test very serious, anyone that is less concerned about it, will definitely fail.

Taking the test

You should work with the speed of light, don’t delay in answering any question, the fact that you should delay doesn’t mean you shouldn’t answer it correctly. If you get stuck in any particular question, you have to move to another question and return to that same question at the end of the test before you submit. You should divide your time per question, as accurately as you can. It should be up to 60 seconds per question. You have to know that the questions are difficult and you have to understand that you to answer all questions because there won’t be time for to answer all question. You have to inquire if the aptitude test uses negative marking, if it’s not the case, answer as many questions as possible in the time given.

How to Crack Aptitude: Tips for Success

These are five important tips you should remember before you take any aptitude test, it will tell you how to crack aptitude test:

  • Treat the test like the way you would treat any other exam.
  • Work swiftly and accurately through any test.
  • You should state the time you could use to answer any question and you have to stick to it. You can return to questions at the end, don’t get stuck in any question, it kills time.
  • If you are going to an assessment centre, you have to go with a calculator you understand, if you don’t go with any, you will be forced to use anyone you see, which could be difficult for you.
  • Answer as many questions as possible in the time given but be wary of negative marking.

How to crack an aptitude test/How to prepare for campus placement aptitude test?

There could be multiple ways to prepare aptitude, here we have listed the best tips on how to prepare for campus placement aptitude test that also tells you how to crack aptitude test, all are embedded in  these numerous steps listed below:

1) What to do for an online aptitude test

Practice ample online aptitude tests: Generally, aptitude test are practised online, you need to practice many aptitude tests online which will enable you solve mock questions within the stipulated time, with this constant practice, it will enable you crack the actual test.

Carry the right Stationary: carry the right calculator in case you are allowed to carry one. Most companies or exam organizing authorities won’t allow you to carry calculators as they would want you to solve the questions by yourself. In case you are allowed, you can carry lots of rough sheets and blue black pens.

Practice as many aptitude test as you can: Before sitting for placement interview on campus or going for an aptitude test, you should practice lots of question which will build your confidence.

Practice in a comfortable environment: Your aptitude test is the entrance to your opportunity, it should be taken seriously, when practicing for your campus placement aptitude test, it should be done in a serene and tranquiled environment.

Make sure you practice tests set up by the target company: If you want to practice aptitude tests of some companies like Amazon, it is advisable you practice their placement papers for at least 3 years. You have to focus in the aptitude section, try the worked out examples to understand better.

Request Feedback: You should be notified about your results, your results will help you understand where you went wrong, it will make you know where you made mistakes, it will show you your incorrect answers. Get in touch with the company’s HR via email in case the result is delayed.

2) What to avoid during aptitude tests

Don’t make a friend write the aptitude test for you: If you are meant to write an aptitude test, do not make a friend sit for you. It’s against the rules and regulations of any organization, if you are caught, you will be blacklisted by various companies. Avoid cheating on the companies, stay clear of malpractice during test.

Don’t get bogged down by one questions: In case you get stuck by one question, move on, don’t stay on one question for too long, it could cost you your test. Solve the remaining question and come back for the one you left out.

Don’t make wild guesses: There is definitely going to be a score attached to your aptitude test, which may combine speed with accuracy. You can’t afford to jeopardize your test by making wild guesses. Try to work as careful as possible at a decent speed.

Don’t Procrastinate: Move on, if you think that a question will take too much time, you can leave it so you can come back to solve it later, some questions may be time consuming and you can’t jeopardize your test because of just one question.

Last minutes tips on how to prepare for campus placement aptitude test

You must brush up your concepts: The night before your aptitude test is very important, you must revise all what you have learnt and studied. You have to summarize your concepts and simplify everything for better comprehension.

Review thoroughly: Practice all the formulae that are related to number system, they are very important, percentages, profit, loss, time and distance are important as well.

Eat well: Take nutritious food that is not heavy on stomach and keeps you energized. Students usually have a tendency to skip their meals out of nervousness. Remember your meal is important, so eat on time and do not skip.

Sleep well: Take ample rest before your test, do not over revise, when you revise to your capacity, it’s advisable you rest so it won’t be disastrous to you.

Get in Touch with Experts

If you find it too difficult to improve your aptitude skills by yourself, you need help of an expert.  Your preparation for aptitude test depends on the understanding of concepts and practice you do. The more you practice, the more speed and accuracy you gain. When in need of mentoring, our experts are just a call away.

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