10 Steps to Learn Quantitative Aptitude Easily

Quantitative aptitude in 10 easy steps

Quantitative aptitude (QA) has become one of the most preferred ways to check the eligibility of the candidate for recruitment. Many companies are using quantitative aptitude as a filtering tool. In India also it has become an important part of all the competitive exams.

The quantitative aptitude exam tests the analytical ability and problem-solving skills of job aspirants. Most of the candidates say that the quantitative section is the most difficult part of any examination. But the good news is that the QA is the most scoring section of any exam as well.

Steps to Learn Quantitative Aptitude Easily

To get a good score in quantitative aptitude you need to know the few tricks, formulas, and process of solving the problems. So here we have some easy tips for you to make you proficient in quantitative aptitude.

  1. Memorising formulas: Your learning ability always helps you. In quantitative aptitude also this ability can help you out. Don’t worry; you are not supposed to learn the answers, this is not possible in quantitative aptitude. All you need to do is, to remember the formulas, learn the tables up to 40, and learn the square of up to 30 and cubes up to 20. This will make you quick on the exam.
  2. Learn shortcut tricks: Every topic in quantitative aptitude has some short-cut techniques. For problems on age, time & distance, and profit and loss or on equation; every topic has some short-cut techniques to solve them. You can search these techniques on the internet. Many helpful books are also available to teach you this.
  3. A right start: Most of the quantitative aptitude exams have 50 questions. Out of these 50 questions 75% questions are easier than the rest 25%. Choose the easier question first to attempt than go for difficult Problems related to simplification, arithmetic problems like problems of ages, and data interpretation fall into the category of easy questions.
  4. Practice Mental Math: Since we have handy calculators, we have stopped calculating in our mind. So when suddenly for the sake of success in exams we have to start using our mind, it becomes tough for us. So if you want to be quick and accurate at the same time then start working to enhance your mental math skills. This will help you in the quantitative exams.
  5. Know your exam: Quantitative exam does not have a specific syllabus. So to score good marks in QA, you should know about the exam pattern. You can take help from previous exams papers for this.
  6. Good books: With the help of good books on quantitative aptitude, you can easily understand the way of solving the QA problems.
    R.S. Aggarwal’s Quantitative aptitude is one of the best books on quantitative aptitude to start with. This book does not have questions on the advanced level. This is a great book with basic formulations and quant techniques to solve the quantitative aptitude problems.
    You can also take help from different websites to enhance your ability of solving QA problems. When you are able to solve the questions of R. S. Aggarwal book, you can jump to a higher level and try to solve much difficult Quantitative aptitude problems. Avoid too many books because they create confusion.
  7. Clear concepts: Mathematics is all about concepts. In mathematics, digits change but the concept remains the same. So work on it. While practicing quantitative aptitude instead to get the right answer, keep your focus on applying the right concept on the given problem.
  8. Don’t give up: Quantitative aptitude is not an easy topic. Yes, it can be easy once you understand its concept but for fresher’s, it is a tough one. So my suggestion to the new students who want to learn quantitative aptitude is not to give up. Sometimes it may happen that you could not solve a single problem of QA. You just need to try harder.
  9. Don’t guess: To learn quantitative aptitude you need to be logical and to be logical you will have to stop guessing. Be sure about your answer before choosing it. Guessing game does not work in quantitative aptitude.
  10. Practice: To get a good score in the exam of quantitative aptitude you need to practice more. Practice will make you faster and more accurate. In exam-room time runs like anything so being fast is a must have the quality to grab a job.

The quantitative exam has become a part of most of the exams. Few MNC’s have also applied it in their recruitment process. So to be proficient in QA is a must.

Here we have compiled a few steps to learn QA in an easy and better way. If you have some more suggestions to learn quantitative aptitude, please share with us.

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