Smart Short Tricks for Aptitude Solving

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One of the biggest issues falls out when a student has no idea what to do with an aptitude test. There are so many methods through which one can solve this type of problem but one of the major things is to know small tricks. One problem can be solved by different methods but usually, students opt for long routes.

This will only waste their time and delay their results. However, one has to solve around 60 questions in the span of one hour that is not ideal for lengthy solutions. Hence, the best thing to opt for is having small tips and tricks for aptitude down your sleeves.

We have collected some of the major tips that can help students to solve out their question paper in an easy and efficient manner with accurate results.

  • Options are there to help – The first mistake that candidates do is that they check on the options at the last. Hence, when the whole question is solved then the probability that your answer is not one of the options presents is high. In such a case, it is better to have a check beforehand to determine accurate answers with the whole process. Hence, it is better to work with options to get accurate one out of them. For instance, for the question that is related to age and have ratios with it can eliminate one or two options on multiplying only that will take you a step near your answer.
  • The effective percentage is a way to go – Another of the method is to solve a problem with a minimum time limit. The calculations are made in an easy manner with the help of small tricks. One has to check on the questions very precisely to get an accurate solution. When there is more than two percentage given such as 50% + 50% then it doesn’t make it 100%. Rather than this, we have to calculate it separately. Start with the first discount and the remaining amount will have the next discount. This type of method is usually used in the questions related to compound interest, discounts, percentages, etc.
  • No need to go for computation of anything – This is another method to deal in with the complex calculation. There is no point of investing 5 minutes in a single question while one will only get a +1 for a correct answer. There are no calculations marks given in aptitude. So, in such case, simply start with smartness to solve complex questions. For instance, if there is a question such as a^2 + b^2 then there is no point of manually solving it. Simply focus on the unit term of the answer, 11^2 = 121, 12^2 = 144, etc. so one has to focus on the bold terms. Add the unit terms and you will get the answer as xxxxxxxxxn, now this n will help in getting to the answer that can be selected from the options given.

For example – 381^2 + 597^2 = xxxxxx1 + xxxxxx9 = xxxxxxx0. Now, select the option that have 0 as the last digit.

  • Basic percentage – In this, one has to focus on the percentage problems. However, it is advisable to avoid using the method percentage/100 * number. Now, focus on the bigger picture. The question is to determine the percentage of a particular number of the figure. It can be 25%, 50%, 75%, etc. that can be represented as ¼, ½. ¾, etc. You can either put up a decimal in the number of simply cut off zeroes to get it done easily. Even if the answer to be determined is 76% then it can be easily solved out with the adding 1% to the 75% without even solving out every single calculation form.

These are the lifesaving tricks that can quickly solve any of the aptitude problems easily. There are many other tricks for aptitude as well that can be used to solve the aptitude test in a real-life manner. All a persona have to do is be confident to solve them and let them challenge you. So, keep practising and make sure to implement it beforehand to get a hang of them before the exam.

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