Top 15 Tips to Pass Your Aptitude Test

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For the admission in any university or interview for any job, Aptitude Test has become a prerequisite. Only the name of Aptitude test is enough to sink the heart of many of the students. They get scared of Aptitude test because they could not relate with it. Till 10+2 the students have studied only the syllabus book so they couldn’t trust themselves to pass this barrier.

But the fact is, clearing Aptitude test is not that difficult. You can score well in aptitude test as well. For this, all you need is practice and knowledge of reading between the lines. To achieve this quality a few students join some coaching but for many of them, this is not a flexible option because of many reasons. So here we brought top 15 tips to pass your aptitude test.

Read these tips carefully to know how to pass an aptitude test.

Top 15 Tips to Pass Your Aptitude Test

Aptitude test generally comes in form of Multiple Choice Questions. This test is conducted to check the candidates’ numerical, logical and verbal reasoning, diagrammatic or abstract reasoning, critical thinking, and personality.  To pass in the Aptitude test, you need to sharp all the above mentioned skills.

Now, let’s focus on how to pass an aptitude test.

1. Practice

There is only one way to ace in Aptitude test is, practice. The more practice you will do, you will become richer in terms of knowledge. The more practice is always equal to more confidence.

2. Track the Time

Aptitude test always comes with a time limit so try to keep the running clock in mind even while preparing for AT. You can have a stopwatch while practicing for Aptitude Test.

3. Previous years’ Papers

For the better practice of Aptitude Test, you can rely on previous years’ question papers. Practice these question papers and try to solve them within the given time.

4. Mock Tests

You can also appear in mock tests available on many websites at free of cost. The practice of mock test will increase the speed of your reading, writing and observing skills.

5. Books

To be ready to score well in an aptitude test, choose your books for its practice wisely. A few well known and quality books for the preparation of aptitude are as follows;

  • R.S. Aggarwal – Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations
  • Arun Sharma – Quantitative Aptitude for CAT
  • Arihant Publications – Fast Track Objective Arithmetic
  •  Sarvesh K. Verma- Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT Common Admission Tests

6. Study Time

 Most of the toppers don’t measure their study by the time; they measure it by the topics. Decide your topics to prepare for the day in advance and prepare for them until you get that speed what you want.

7. Group Discussion

You can get the solution of your complex aptitude problem in group discussion. So go for it. Join a group of few aspirants and discuss your issues with them.

8. Curb your Anxiety

No matter how many mock tests you have attempted, it’s obvious to have anxiety in the exam room. Don’t let this anxiety eat all your confidence. When you will look at the question paper and find one out of first fives questions difficult then keep calm. Don’t start the calculation to solve that particular question. Many aspirants repeat this mistake in an exam and lose a few marks in this.

9. Don’t Be Egoistic

Usually, in all the exams, we find one question which we have solved once but we couldn’t recall the steps. In Aptitude Test is happens very frequently. In this case, many students start thinking about the solving pattern as being so intelligent how they can miss such a common question.  But the best strategy is to move on and save your time for bigger challenges.

10. Read questions carefully

During the exam in order to save time most of the candidates read the question quickly and start calculating for the answer. After spending a minute or more they realize their mistake. In Aptitude test, most of the Aptitude questions are also twisted. So you will have to invest the time to read the questions to find their correct answers.

11. Follow the Sequence

While attempting the Aptitude test, it would be better to answer the questions in a given sequence. Although, it is not mandatory at all. When you follow the sequence then it becomes easy for you to revise the answer sheet and find if any question is left unanswered or not.

12. Online Preparation

If your aptitude test has to be conducted online then appear for the online mock test at least twice a day during the last phase of preparation. This will help you to get used to the computer screen and also you will become habitual of the keyboard and mouse handling during the exam. 

13. Sleep Well

Sleep well before the D Day so that your mind will be refreshed for the exam. In any case, don’t take risk of not to sleep in night because a sleepless mind could not think speedily.

14. Keep a high aim

Many aspirants keep a marks’ figure in mind and want to score that much marks only. Don’t plan this. If you want to get success in the Aptitude test have a high aim and try to solve as many questions as you can with an accurate answer.  

15. No Guess Game

Do not guess any answer randomly. In the exam room, no guesswork of ABCD and AABB works. These types of blind guesses fail miserably.  

Winding Up

Aptitude test is not difficult but it requires different thinking. The above mentioned tips will help you to pass an aptitude test. So don’t feel nervous and start preparing for it with an open mind.

In case you find some difficulties in the preparation of AT then you can ask us by writing to us in the comment box below.

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