10 Points to Keep in Mind Before Entering Exam Hall

10 Points to Keep in Mind Before Entering Exam Hall

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Exam halls are usually a distant zone for students. The sombre quality of the atmosphere makes us feel giddy and get clammy hands. Nervousness peaks up and confidence takes a lower curve when you enter an exam hall and it’s a normal human tendency. Entrance exam preparation is certainly a vital part of acing in any exam, but there are other important points that require due attention. Apart from that, have you ever entered an exam room feeling unprepared? Don’t worry, it’s nothing big to deal with. Almost every other student has to go through this phase of not feeling prepared enough. Don’t worry, we’ll help you sort it out by going over some key points.

Here in this article, we will tell you exactly how you can be more confident when you enter an entrance exam hall and keep all the anxiety behind.  

10 Tips to Follow When You Enter in Exam Hall

Here are 10 tips that you should follow before entering an entrance exam hall. These tips will boost your confidence and keep nervousness at a bay. Let’s get started…   

  1. Simply Relax

Allow yourself plenty of time to unwind before taking an exam. A good night’s sleep is essential not only before an exam but every day. When you develop the habit of sleeping at least 6 hours per night, you will wake up feeling more refreshed and energised. Snoozing for three hours a night can cause drowsiness during an exam. You might believe that the fewer hours of sleep you get, the better you retain information in your head. The reality is quite the opposite. You can only maximise your learning potential if you slept well the night before. So, make sure you get plenty of rest because it helps to calm you down. Furthermore, a relaxed mind can assist you in solving questions faster and more accurately.   

  1. Keep Your Essentials Ready 

Make sure you carry everything required for the examination: admit card/hall ticket, identity proof, and stationary. Do not keep all the essentials for the last minute. Prepare your bag the night before the exam. This will give you ample time to just check if all your stuff is there. You can even make a simple sticky note and list down the things that will be required for your exam. Just go through the note to avoid leaving your admit card or stationery behind. In case, if you miss anything, it will make you stressed which will impact your performance negatively. Simply keep everything handy so as not to forget anything important. 

  1. Reach Before Scheduled Time

Reach the entrance exam venue before time. 

There are several reasons why you should be doing so. To begin with, arriving at the venue early allows you to avoid a last-minute rush. Students are usually asked to arrive at the location 15-30 minutes before the preliminaries begin. Make your own if there is no guideline mentioning the scheduled time. Arriving ahead of schedule gives you confidence. Your mind calms down and you don’t feel jittery at all. It also allows you to return and retrieve any important items you forgot to bring for the entrance exam.  

  1. Re-check Admit Card/Hall Ticket 

Exam information is listed on the hall ticket, so double-check it. Review your roll number so that you can find your seat more easily. Simply reading through the entrance exam information will assist you in easily filling out the entrance exam details on your exam sheet. Keep in mind that slow and steady wins the race. Similarly, take proper notes when filling in the blanks and double-check them to avoid any errors. This will make you feel more confident.  

  1. Seek Help 

Recheck the entrance exam information on the official boards outside the exam hall to avoid being caught off guard. This information primarily includes your name, roll number, and the seat/floor/building to which you are assigned. If you have trouble finding your building, there will always be someone from the academy to assist you. Furthermore, if you are unsure about anything, you can consult with your fellow candidates. When it comes to feeling confident, knowing things ahead of time is the best solution. Taking these steps will help you stay stress-free.  

  1. Revise Short Notes 

Make short notes in your notebook while studying for your entrance exams. Just give it a quick glance every night before you go to bed. This will allow you to easily recall those important notes without devoting a lot of time. Reread those brief notes before entering the entrance exam hall. Referring to those keynotes will assist you in remaining confident and at ease. You will find yourself not stumbling over difficult concepts because you will have more clarity. Furthermore, it aids in the recall of important concepts that may have slipped your mind as a result of exam stress.  

  1. Stay Hydrated 

Before entering the hall, stay hydrated. Inadequate hydration can lead to foggy thinking and behaviour. Water not only improves your mood but also lowers your body temperature. Carry a water bottle if possible to avoid situations where you are unable to concentrate on the exam. However, avoid drinking more water than is absolutely necessary. Drinking several pints may cause you to visit the restroom several times, causing distraction. Take a sip whenever you feel the need, and you’ll be able to stay focused on writing an excellent paper.  

  1. Turn Off Your Cell Phone 

Keep your phone away from you and turned off. Any technology is both a blessing and a curse. It has a lot to offer you if you use it correctly. Overuse, on the other hand, will result in a slew of issues. Similarly, chatting on your phone before an exam can divert your attention. It has a lot of entertainment that isn’t appropriate before you start anything that requires a focused mind. The need of the hour before taking an entrance exam is to relax and think of positive affirmations that will boost your confidence. As a result, turning it off is the best solution.  

  1. Avoid Interaction with Nervous Individuals 

Avoid talking to nervous candidates and engrossing their negative energy. This can be explained as follows. Everything is energy, and interacting with a nervous person will most likely attract that energy into yourself. As a result, confusion reigns supreme. If you refrain from discussing topics, you will be less likely to stumble while writing your exams. You must be confident in your preparation and recall the tricks you practised. When speaking with a nervous or underprepared student, misunderstandings of various kinds can occur. So, keep your distance!  

  1. Breathe Deeper

The final point to take all your anxieties away is to take a deep breath in and out. Taking a few relaxed breaths will help you unwind and boost your concentration levels. If you want to take this process a step ahead, simply perform abdominal breathing where your stomach takes an active part in the breathing process. You can carry out this procedure before or during an exam without fetching undue attention. These simple steps will help in keeping your mind relaxed and calm.  

The Bottom Line    

Feeling under pressure and stressed during exam time is normal, but it can be dealt with easily! Entrance exam preparation is always the best thing you can do to be calm and limit the feeling of stress. Take good rest and a good night’s sleep before the exam to stay confident and relaxed. Hopefully, the topic “10 points before entering exam hall” has helped you out in knowing the tactics that can make you feel light before an exam. Do not worry as you can attend your exam with grace. Smart preparation is key to cracking any entrance exam and staying calm is the way to enter the exam hall confidently. 


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