These Steps Will Help Boost Your Confidence in Exam Hall

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Test Anxiety and Exam Phobia is that two words which haunt students thoughts during the exam time. Many students complain that they study hard for the exam but due to nervousness in the exam, they forget most of the things. This situation is called  ‘test anxiety’.  In a survey, 96% of students admitted that they have the test anxiety issue. This test anxiety issue actually affects the students’ marks in the exams.

All the education boards in India are working to organize stress-free examination for the students but still, many students lose all their confidence as soon as they enter the exam room. In this post, we will talk about some few steps that will boost your confidence in the exam hall. First, let’s know how to identify if you have exam anxiety.

Symptoms of Exam Anxiety

If you feel that you usually forget everything just before the exam or you get headache or diarrhea, excessive sweating, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, or you feel faint before and during the exam then it shows that you have the test anxiety. Don’t ignore any of the aforementioned symptoms as they are the physical symptoms of Exam or Test anxiety. The common emotional response of test anxiety are; feelings of anger, fear, helplessness, and disappointment.

These symptoms show that you have exam phobia and to perform well in the exam,  you need to be calm and relaxed. Now, let’s know about the steps that can boost your confidence in the exam hall.  

Steps to Boost Confidence in Exam Hall

Here are the steps that will help you to beat the text anxiety in the exam hall.

· Prepare Well

There is no substitute for good preparation to score well in the exam. When you know that you have prepared well for the exam, you can perform well in it. A realistic revision on a day before the exam will boost your confidence in the exam hall. The last-minute preparation for the exam will not take you anywhere. Book the last hours before the examination only for the revision. 

· Sleep Well

Like your preparation, your sleep is also important during exam time.  Adequate sleep is vital for students. Most of the exams are scheduled in the early morning and if you will stay awake till late in the night for the last minute preparation then you may feel lazy in the exam room. A good sleep improves your mental force and memory. So don’t strive your body for the sleep.

· Stay Focused

You should be focused to perform well in the exam. The more you will be worrying about scoring good marks the more your anxiety will increase. When you attempt your exam paper, think about your performance only, not about its outcome. If you keep thinking about the result, you will put more pressure on you.

· The Last Minute Strategy

What you do just before the exam, affects your thinking during the exam, so pick the important and pre-studies topics before a day of the exam. Many students pick a difficult topic for the preparation just before the exam and if they couldn’t catch up on the topic they stop feeling confident enough to perform well on the exam. So avoid any alien subject or topic just before the exam.

· In the Examination Hall

When you get a question paper in the exam hall, you will find some easy and some comparatively difficult question in the question papers. While reading the question paper, don’t get stuck with one difficult question and give equal reading time to all the asked question. Attempt easier questions first in the exam hall then move to the difficult one. Try not to spend much time on a particular question. You should also keep in mind the word limit to write answers to any question.

· If you get stuck, Move On

Usually, in question papers, you will find a familiar question and you could not recall its answer. Well, it happens with everyone. in order to solve this familiar question, we spend much time on it. You need to change this mindset. If you get stuck with some question then don’t spend much time on it, just move on.

Winding Up

The exams are a part of your life so treat them like that. Scoring 98% marks should not be the ultimate goal of your life. Take your exam easy and try to give your best in the exam.  You can do well in an exam if you have done a good practice for it, so spend your time wisely to perform well in the exam.

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