Career Counselling for Students After 10th

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After competing 10th, students struck at “What next”? Which stream to choose? Commerce, Arts or Science? This situation is faced by almost every candidate after 10th class. Though every stream has a wide range of career opportunities but choosing the right is what matters the most.

Here we will discuss:

  • The dilemma faced by students
  • Career counselling for 10th class 
  • Mistakes made by students while making a choice after 10th
  • Career options after 10th grade

Dilemma face by students

There are many successful people who once failed in their life but they always knew what they wanted, do you know what you want? Some students know what stream they like but a large number of students remain confuse about their career choice and the path to follow. Class 10th is an important phase of a career path. Taking the initial step right is crucial.

Here are a few questions that you must ask yourself:

  • What do I want to do after 10th? 
  • Should you choose science stream?
  • Should you go with arts stream?
  • Should you opt for commerce?
  • Why do you want to choose that stream?

To find answers to all these questions, you can take the help of a career counsellor. Let’s take a look at what is career counselling for 10th class students?

Career counselling for 10th grade  

Every year a huge number of candidates appear for board exams. Some score really well, some just pass and some are unable to clear the exams. But how many of these students know what would be the next in their career? What stream they should choose? Here education guidance and counselling come into the picture, it is important for 10th class students to undertake a counselling session before making a choice. They should know that making a choice based on interest is much more important than just following the crowd.

Mistakes made by students while making a choice after 10th

Societal and Parental Pressure 

Most of the parents don’t think beyond the science stream, they think their child can only have a rewarding future is he takes up the science stream. Students are pressurized to take science stream because their parents have dreamed them as a doctor or engineer or because their neighbors child is a well-known doctor or engineer. For them, arts and commerce still are not that rewarding. But with time, many new careers have evolved that parents are not aware about. And this is why you need career counselling to understand the scope of different streams and career opportunities that wait ahead.

Moving with the Crowd

Many students make a choice based on the choice made by their friends. They just move with the herd of sheep without actually knowing the right fit stream for them.

They do not understand the importance of making a well-informed choice. They do not know that they must select a stream which they are most passionate about. This is why they need career counselling.

Not having enough knowledge

Unlike a few years back, now there are multiple career options after 10th. Students due to lack of knowledge end up making wrong choices at this point in time. With the help of right education guidance and career counselling, they can see the right path and the route of a rewarding career.

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Career Options After 10th Grade

Science is one of the most chosen career options after 10th, it is also a favourite of the majority of parents and children. This stream offers many great careers like medical, engineering, IT etc. The best thing about this career is that it has a wide scope, even switching from science to different streams later in life is easy

Commerce is the next favourite choice after science. Those who love calculations and numbers etc., commerce is their calling.  Commerce now has a wide variety of career options such as CA, CS etc.  With commerce, a candidate can have an amazing career in both the public and private sector.


• Arts and Humanities now has a plethora of career options such as psychology, Journalism, performing arts, design etc. All these careers are well-paid. Those who think creative, arts and humanities is your trade completely.

Wrap Up

The wide options and their scope, lack of knowledge among students is one of the major reasons why students need career guidance and counselling after 10th grade. At Opennaukri, we encourage you to take a career assessment which helps you understand your interest, personality and aptitude. We further help you know different options and their suture scope to help you land on a most suitable career.

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