How to Prepare for 12th Board Exams and JEE Together?

How to Prepare for 12th Board Exams and JEE Together

Every engineering student goes through a nightmare. Do you know what that nightmare is? Well, it is all about getting through the 12th board exam and JEE together and that too in flying colors. This is a perfect time when you want to strike for a balance for both the exams without going through innumerable struggle. But mark my words, the preparation should begin months before to hit the target right.

Before we begin on the preparation tips, let us first understand that what are the similarity and difference between these two major exams. The same authority is conducting joint entrance examination (JEE) and class 12th board examination. Both are equally prestigious examinations and the ultimate aim of both these examinations is that they want to help students moving toward a better future. Both these examinations are only a month apart and thus it gets very difficult to prepare and concentrate on both these exams equally well.

This was all about the similarity but there are some major key differences between both of these examinations. Let’s have a look at that too.

  • Let us begin with one of the most fundamental difference between the exam patterns of both of the examination.
  • JEE has objective type of questions, the 12th board examination has descriptive questions.
  • The syllabus of both these examinations are also different. JEE is completely based on both class 11th and 12th examinations whereas 12th board examination is 100% based on 12th classroom syllabus only.
  • Coming to the level of questions, they are considered to be quite difficult in JEE. The ultimate aim for JEE examination is that the moderate students could be eliminate so that only the cream students are remaining. Whereas when you consider the questions of class 12th it is quite moderate and difficult questions are eliminated here.
  • Coming finally to the negative marking of these questions, in JEE, 1 mark is deducted for each wrong answer whereas in the 12th examination there is no such negative marking.

Now, that you have good understanding of how you should attempt both the examinations. I will help you here frame a strategy to prepare for both the exams together.

Preparation of both JEE and 12th board exams can be done simultaneously and there is no harm in doing that but the problem here is that you need a smart planning. Hard work and dedication are major key elements to get success in both the exam together. A well-thought preparation plan will help you perform well in both the exams, with no extra stress or burden.

This is how you prepare for 12th board exams and JEE together

  1. Understand your syllabus – The first thing to do before preparation of any exam is to know the syllabus well. This will help you frame the right strategy and understand what all skills you have. Questions asked in JEE are related to 11th and 12th syllabus, so if you are preparing to score above 90% in 12th board exams, you will be half done for JEE.
  2. Timetable is necessary – Timetable helps you to plan activities and do them strategically. As you do not have much time left between board exams and JEE, so you need to plan the time efficiently and how you should prioritize topics.
  3. Daily targets – This is very important. Here you need to come up with daily targets so that at the end of the day you will feel accomplished and proud on yourself.
  4. Concept – Focus on sharpening concepts. Rather than blindly learning everything, which comes your way, you should concentrate on understanding the concept behind it. This will help you sail longer and resolve your doubts in no time. If your concepts are clear you can solve even toughest problem with ease.
  5. Practice – Practice is your strategy of success. Take mock tests and solve sample papers to gain more marks.
  6. Make notes – Making notes will help you in multiple ways. Quick revisions are possible with notes prepared during preparation hours as well as these notes save the time spent in revision.
  7. Stress Buster – Stress busters play an important role. 10 minutes of meditation daily, or any form of exercise will help refresh the brain. Stress busters keep your brain calm and your concentration high.

The Final Thoughts

Now you know how you can prepare for board exams and JEE together. The final and most important step is a good and healthy meal and regular sleep.

Following above steps will help you gain good score in both JEE and 12th board exam.  All the best for the exams. We wish you success!


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