How to Prepare Revision Notes for Board Exam 2020

CBSE 12th Board Exam 2020 difficulty level and exam pattern

CBSE is all set to conduct a board exam for class 10th and 12th in February 2020. So you have just a little time left for you for the preparation of the exam. Though your preparation for the board exam starts with the first day of academic sessions still, the last few months require some extra efforts. The notes most of the students prepare in class are usually messy, lengthy, and unorganized. So to understand the concept, they look for boring textbooks. At last, the only option left is to borrow notes for board 2020. First, let’s know why notes are essential for the adequate preparation of board exam 2020.

Importance of Notes in Board Exam 2020

Notes play an essential role in the revision strategy for board exams in 2020. A month before the board exam, all you need to do is a revision, and you cannot pick your bulky textbook for this. The best way for board exam preparation at the last minute is to read and revise from the notes. Borrowed notes from friends can be helpful, but when you write down the notes, then they can be understood easily as every student has his writing style. It’s easy to prepare notes on your own, and it also helps the students to keep the topic in mind for a more extended period.

When you learn something in class and prepare notes on its basis, then you revise the topic unknowingly. Breaking down a lengthy topic in a short sentence and writing it down in your way will help you to understand the concept. In the revision strategy for board exam 2020, your notes can help you a lot. They have everything in them in a summarised form that will help you in the last minute preparation.  

Now you know the importance of noted made by you in the board exam 2020. If you haven’t prepared notes for the upcoming exam in 2020, then still you have time to do it. And if you are confused about how to make revision notes for board exams, then here we are to guide you.

How To Prepare Revision Notes For Board Exam 2020

Notes making is a natural process that requires dedication. You need to keep the following points in mind while preparing for revision notes for board exam 2020;

  1. To prepare notes for board exam 2020, the very first step you need to take is to read the chapter thoroughly. Do not push yourself to make the notes after reading it for the very first time. Take your time to understand the section and then start making revision notes for board exam 2020. Your records should be personalized, so write them down in your language. First, read the textbook and understand the topic then write it down in your own words. Remember, your notes should be short and easy to understand.
  2. You can use diagrams, circles, points, and text as per your feasibility to make the revision notes for board exam easy to understand. The notes you are preparing are for the last minute preparation, so they need to be clear and easy to read at first glance. You can divide content into tables, diagrams, and pie charts for a better understanding.  
  3. Colour coding always helps to identify relevant topics. You can use this method to highlight the definition and other vital points in the notes. Here you need to be careful that you don’t waste much time decorating your letters. The main motive of using different colored pens is to highlight the crucial points in the notes so that you will not have to spend more time in search of them.
  4. Now let’s cover other important topics related to the revision notes for board exam 2020, and it is the source of the notes. The class lecture and the textbook both offer sufficient information for your notes. What your teacher teaches you in class helps you to understand the topic, and the teacher also tells the concept systematically, so keep making notes in class. The help book and textbook have information in detail, so read them twice and then write down the critical points in your own words.
  5. Your notes should be organized, then only they will help you in board exam 2020 revision plan. You can choose A4 size paper or a notebook to write down your notes as per your feasibility, but it must have the notes as per the chapters’ sequence in the textbook.

The Bottom Line

Your notes play an important role in board exam 2020 revision plan, so instead of asking your friends’ records, prepare your personalized one. You still have time to write down the essential definitions and other points to revise them just before the exam. So don’t waste more time in preparation for heavy and bulky books and start making your notes.   

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