How Important is Counselling in Student’s Life?

career counselling benefits

World’s highest suicide rates among children are reported in India, specially among children in the age group of 15-28 years. The reasons for these suicides include fear of failing, family pressure, competitive pressure, depression, fear of unemployment and financial issues. Children are under extreme pressure that needs to be heard. Counselling can save children from these pressure but parent’s need to understand the importance and need of counselling and guidance.

Proper counselling for students will help them learn valuable life lessons that when incorporated in daily life will give a rewarding life.

How effective education guidance & counselling benefits students?

  • Psychological problems are one of the major issues that students face and find hard to deal with. With proper guidance and counselling they are saved from all issues that can negatively impact their studies.
  • They learn problem-solving skills that help them in their school life and beyond.
  • Counselling helps them know how to deal with different and difficult situations during their school life. They would know why it is important to share issues with their parents and peers.
  • Counselling also helps them in living a disciplined life. They know how to deal with people in different situations and lead a peaceful life.
  • Through proper guidance, students learn to appreciate others.
  • Counselling makes them more aware about their choices and goals. They make better choices in school as well get mentally prepared for the future life.
  • A proper counseling can help students talk openly about their issues. They learn the rules of life and become a better person by following those.
  • They can ask their issues and get them solved through proper counselling. They learn the social manners and find it easy to deal with tough situations.

Career and educational Counsellors are trained individuals with knowledge of psychology, student behavior and problems. They know what are the situations that make students feel lost and confused about their career. The current situation has raised the need of counselling even more as it helps broaden their horizon in terms of opportunities.

Some situations are so that family pressure and financial burdens become hindrances while taking up preferred and interested career choices. Counsellors also have capability of assessing and dealing with such situations.

Indian Education System and Need for Counselling

In India children face extreme stress and pressure during their borad exams as well as in graduation. They even feel anxiety and trauma after school and college due to peer pressure. Indian students are forced by parents to perform better than their mates and are often compared that drags them to depression.

The Indian Education System is competitive in nature, which is completely based on quantitative learning, long hours classes and vast curriculum. The education system of country strives for quantity not quality, they are book focused they don’t work on making children better, but definitely make them crammers to score more to be called better. The current education system does not try working on creativity of the students.

The pressure for being well disciplined and perfect has taken many lives, now all parents and teachers need to know and understand the consent of the children. Besides that the expensive commercialized education system has been a biggest factor contributing to student stress and depression. Let’s change the education to make schooling a stress free experience for students.

What it takes to Undertake Counselling?

Young minds are the citizens of tomorrow, they will shape the society, they should be given proper guidance and counselling to understand their right potential. Counselling is just a call away for you, contact Opennaukri experts and get your queries answered.

Counselling is important as it helps you learn how to face the social hardships, overcome mental pressure and stay calm in a tough situation. Apart from that when you make a right choice in school or in career, there are less chances of getting depressed because you are already doing something what you love, where your work is more like a passion.

Teachers should become friends and counsellors for their students by helping them recognize their right potential, creative side and strengths. They can guide them to the right careers.

Wrap Up

In India, parents and children both believe in getting good grades and for them still engineering or medical are the best career options. But, they need to know career is rewarding and successful if it matched the interests of children. All they need is to choose the right stream in their school and make right choices after that. Taking a session with a counsellor will unwrap the benefits. Talk to our experts!

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