10 Signs – It’s Time to Call a Career Counselor

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Life is more than building a resume, but it is also about loving what you do. Many people don’t enjoy where they work or the career they chose, and that makes them resign after a few months.

If you’re buying a car, clothes, or electronic gadgets, you consult many people. But if it is about choosing a career path, you decide to rely on yourself. You end up falling in “I know it all” trap, thus choosing the wrong career.

You have to choose the career that interests you. However, you have to assess and understand the fact that you need to be having the right set of attitude before you pursue a career. It is the reason why you should visit a career counselor.

Here are 10 signs indicating you need to call a career counselor today:

If you don’t focus on your talent

If you have a talent, but you don’t focus on it, that is necessarily your fault. It might be your talent and creativity are making you behave that way. Career counseling helps you match your personality, interests, skills, and more to help you suggest top choices accordingly.

Qualified career counselors have not only help you with education but also communication skills, observation skills, and experience that can help you to achieve your career dreams. You, therefore, have to set your goals under career counseling experts’ guidance and support.

If you chose a bad job but can’t leave

It is not wise for an individual to stick to one job that doesn’t make them happy. Life is not always being happy, but seeing you have a better future with light at the end. When choosing the wrong career, you think it will work, but after a year of working, you end up leaving.

If you continue experiencing such kind of stress, you will end up underperforming, complete burnout, health issues, and at last, be fired. You don’t have to suffer, but be proactive. To have the right support, seek career guidance to help you have an ideal workplace.

If you’re performing well in a job but unsatisfied

You might have a knack of learning things fast. It is a quality that will make you perform well at all tasks/jobs you’re assigned. However, it might not be your dream job you’re going for. Remember, all posts have both highs and lows, but you should see yourself doing the same thing in the next 10 years. It is among the best ways you can plan a career.

In the current society, there are many new career options, responsibilities, and roles you will find in job description overlap. It will not decrease your skills or experience the significance you need. Choosing the right career counselor will help you find a job suited for you.

If you know the career you want but you have many options

Sometimes, being a bright student in the class does not mean you can impress an employer. That will not be a good news for you. Most employers want to hire candidates who know about themselves and the way they will contribute to the growth and success of their company. Therefore, if a company is hiring, it will look at informed and clarified candidates who know about the choices they make.

Choosing a career counselor helps you assess the development of your career paths. You can also understand your career goals, and the employer can easily see your passion.

If your job isn’t working in your favor

It sounds hurting because most people experience it. In such jobs, you will end up underperforming against your expected set at work. Maybe it happens because you chose the wrong career.

Counseling helps you pull all the negativity you have, and you can see the truth behind your experience. Besides, you will get encouragement that helps you move forward.

If you feel clueless regarding your future goals

Some people find it hard to determine what they will be at any stage. It is not something that can be an excuse in your life. If you live a life that has no direction, it is similar to not living. You have to consider what excites and makes you happier.

To get complete guidance, you only have to trust career counselors as they are the only ones who can consider your interests and personality when advising you. Most are experienced and skilled to enable them to help you design your career path and overcome several obstacles.

If you’ve completed 10th class and aim to choose a new stream

In India and other countries, completing class 10th level is a vital milestone for a student. If you’re at this level and don’t have career choices in mind, most likely, you will end up in a stream that does not benefit you.

At this transition stage, you will get all sorts of advice. This advice will be from misinformed individuals and others from overconfident peers. Acting upon some guidance will be harmful.

Opting for a career counselor will help you choose a correct path which enables you to weigh your attribute and skills.

If you completed middle school

In a career path, completing middle school becomes a threshold for your career foundation. After you finish middle school, you have new responsibilities, you have to make choice of subjects for the next important phase i.e 10th class. This is a stage to strengthen your focus and concentration in various subjects such as mathematics and science.

This is the right stage; students need to be educated regarding their career path. Getting career guidance help then recognize their skills and talents.

If you complete class 12th, you wonder the choice to make between work opportunity and colleges

This is the second milestone you have to cross in your education path. Here is where you need to make your future decisions. 

There are many career choices you can consider, such as BBA, mechanical engineering,  MBBS, among others. The most exceptional decision you can make is through the help of a education guidance counselor.

If you’re a college graduate yet, you don’t know what to do

After studying for a bachelor’s program for about three or four years, here comes another obstacle. You become confused about whether to continue with the Master’s program or apply for a job position against thousands of other graduates. Remember passing through the college curriculum will not tell you what to do in life, and that is a problem.

Career guidance not only prepares you for an immediate sense of achievement but ensure you’re ready for a successful professional life.

Bottom Line

The greatest thing you can achieve working with a skilled career counseling organization is to understand the perspective that is differentiating between a career and a job. Career counseling enables you to focus on a lesser beam regarding your challenges and strengths. It is a great way to reinvent yourself. Why don’t you check how career counseling can help you?

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