What Every Parent Should Know about Education Counseling?

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Career Counselling taken at the right age can change the career graph of the student. It helps the student to understand various career options available and also helps in expanding his or her horizon in terms of choosing good professional careers.

For good future mere personal capabilities of students like intelligence, hard work, and perseverance are not the only requirements. The students should be well aware of the viability and sustainability of a career in the market. This level of information helps them to make better decisions in their professional life. This holds good for educational counselling as well. The graduation course or the educational institution the student wishes to get into lays an important foundation for his or her career. The right guidance and counselling can improve the career graph of an individual.

Things Parents should know about Education Counselling

  1. Parents should understand that career and educational counsellors are professional individuals who have high knowledge and information about various career paths.
  2. Counselling, be it career or educational is art of communication. The counsellors with the great amount of knowledge they posses, have the ability is to covey it to the student or the graduate in the right way.
  3. Counselling and career guidance by the professional counsellors is not just for students and graduates but also to their parents because they play a big role in selection of career path of their child.
  4. Counsellors also refer some experts in certain field of education and profession to instil confidence and security in the individual who is aspiring on those lines.
  5. Opennaukri offers career and education guidance and counselling as well as online guidance. We communicate via telephonic conversation or through messaging.
  6. Many websites and non profit organisations have also started free guidance to students online. This helps the student to avail some best of the career guidance from the comfort of their home.
  7. Parents should be well aware of the importance of education counselling. Counselling given at the right time can help in creating a bright future for their child.
  8. Education Counselling also guides the students to pick the right educational institution for the course he or she is interested in pursuing. This makes the task of parents to give enriching learning experience to their child easily.
  9. Education counsellors also give valuable information about any scholarships that are available for that particular institution or the course the student is willing to take up.
  10.  Parents should also know that a good educational counsellor can be extremely beneficial for students and help them in aiming high and having the confidence to achieve them.

Since career and educational counselling is a recent phenomenon many of the previous generation elders and parents of the present generation students have little knowledge about its importance. The number of new career opportunities and field of work have increased and widened a lot because of the advent of information technology and most importantly the internet. Careers like videographers, photographers, bloggers, writers; influencers have mushroomed making the process of choosing careers quite interesting and difficult at the same time for the students.

This also consequently increased the courses offered by educational institutions across the nation and world. Educational and career counsellors at Opennaukri have detailed information about these various professions and fields of work.

Role of Parents in Child’s Educational Guidance:

Many studies have time and again proved that children and their choices in life are extremely influenced by their relationship with parents. Hence in educational choices as well parents play a cardinal role in shaping them. Most of the times students tend to choose the same professions as of their parents. This can be due to the level of success the parent has attained or sometimes the child gets attracted to the fame that comes with the profession.

 All these factors are very transient in nature and the child might get disinterested after certain period of time in that profession. Hence a career and educational counselling is necessary to throw ample light on all other aspects of that profession.  Hence parents should play active role in selection of career of their child by:

  1. Helping them take career or education guidance and decision making process.
  2. Letting them know about various other career options.
  3. Being realistic in terms of telling the child about the other side of their profession.
  4. Talking to them about the handwork and effort that goes into building a career like they have.
  5. Encouraging the child to take up off beat career paths like music, painting, singing and other forms of art that he or she is interested in.
  6. Consciously talking to the child and telling him that having a good career is not race that one is competing with others but it means to find happiness and joy in whatever the child has chosen to pursue.
  7. Parents should offer a comforting shoulder and support in times of failure in education and career. This lets them to be more secure and confident to take up new paths.

The Final Thought

Most of the parents still have a misconception that a professional career like engineering, medicine, or a Charted Accountancy can be highly secure in the future. This makes most of the students blind towards other opportunities which are equally if not more secure than the conventional choices. An educational counsellor helps in giving guidance in this area as well. They open new path and urge the student to explore new possibilities in term of career and education.

Hence parents should invest in getting their child a good experienced career and educational counselling session before asking them to choose the subject in their graduation. Post high school, the choices available can get slightly overwhelming or a child who is not clear with his or her graduation subjects. This is when parents need to enroll him or her for a good counselling session either personally or through online. This step towards discussion of career and education at an early stage can assure the child of good future and successful professional life.

Want to your child to have a great career and a happy life, contact Opennaukri for career guidance.

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