Career Options After 12th – Making the Right Choice

career options after 12th

There is a wide range of career options after 12th that can be chosen after 12th-grade, all you need to do is to know your interest. Some may want to build their career in engineering, some in academics, while some in vocational fields. If you are seeking a career in the professional field then you can go for technical courses like architecture and engineering.

Career Choice and 12th Stream – Dependency

Your career choice will be totally dependent on the stream you select in class 12. Students who are not sure about the career they want pursue after 12th grade, they end up taking  any stream in school with a sole aim to score good marks in their board exams, and usually suffer in the long run. It will be great if you take help from your school teachers, career counselors, or your parents before you decide on the subjects for class 12th.

We are only trying to say that you should pursue a career in the field of your interest. And when you have selected subjects of interest in 12th grade the job becomes much easy. However, every career has equal challenges and opportunities, but the success depends on your learning and hard work.

We hope you now know how the stream you choose in 12th grade impacts your career choice.

Courses you can choose after 12th

The other thing we would like to bring to your notice is that marks obtained in 12th grade matter, as they impact your career decision as well as college admissions. However, success has no relation to getting a higher percentage, but it does matter while starting a career.

Where Class 12th marks matter

Career Guidance & Career Options After 12th

  1. If you belong to commerce stream, there are multiple career options available to you. You can go for chartered accountancy (CA) course, company secretary course, computer studies or business management. Most of the commerce stream students prefer to go with Bachelor’s of Commerce degree before preparing for CA degree. As every year only a negligible percentage of applicants qualify for CA examinations, you need to have your master strategy ready to out-beat the competition.
  2. If you belong to arts or humanities, you can opt several creative courses after 12th. You can take up a bachelor’s degree in arts subjects. Learning a foreign language can lead to interpreter’s job in embassies. You may choose to learn German, French, Russian or Spanish languages and build a career in that. Preparing for State or Indian Civil Service Examinations could be a choice for you. There are also courses in mass communication, advertising, media studies, journalism, business management, travel and performing arts.
  3. If you are a science stream student, then you have a lot of career options available. You can take up engineering in streams like civil, mechanical, metallurgy, electronics, computers, aeronautics etc. If you want a career in biotechnology, biochemistry, agricultural science, microbiology, medicine etc., then you need to have studied chemistry, biology, and physics in class 12th.
  4. Vocational courses could be a choice for students after completing their 12th grade, which can be in the fields of nursing, occupational therapy, hotel management, physiotherapy, computers, hospitality management etc. You can also take up courses in aviation, jewelry designing, fashion technology, radio jockey etc. The best course that student are choose is the Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA).

Competitive Exams You Can Take After 12th

Students can take competitive exams after 12th to get admission in UG courses. JEE is the to get admission in IITs, NDA is one exam to build a career in defence, AIIMS exam is for a career in medical, and SSC CHL exam will help you get a job in public sector.

The Bottom Line

Every stream offers multiple choices to the students be it for career or further studies. This is a absolutely groundless prejudice that only science students have multiple career choices, or get better salary jobs. This is a myth that doesn’t hold true in real world. Success has no relation to subjects you choose. The only thing that matters is the subjects or stream is of your interest. Whatever course you choose, make sure it takes you to the career you always wanted to get into.


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