Writing As a Career


If you have the art of developing your emotions, thoughts and experiences into a sequence of coherent words in print, then writing will be the best career option for you. You might think that writers are born with the skills of expressing themselves into words, but not everyone is a born writer, writing is a skill and some realize its presence in them at a very young age, while some are able to explore it as a skill very late in their life. To be a writer, you must appreciate the need for determination, persistence, and possess a flair for writing.

Those who don’t know how to choose a career path? Get serious about life and make a decision. And those who are sure about choosing writing as a career? You could become a journalist, an article writer, copywriter, web content writer, script writer, short story writer, and book author. If you have the passion for writing and want to make some quick money, choose writing short stories. Apart from the readership acceptance and financial aspect of the career, the literary influence of a writer’s view and opinion can bring a big change in the thinking, emotions and actions at societal and individual level.

The Impact Writing Has 

It is a big sacrifice to devote one’s life to writing career, which pinnacles societal ills, news stories, enforce discipline and express views as freedom of expression for betterment of individuals and society, irrespective of any discrimination. Many people have been able to relate to their traditions, culture, beliefs, history and religion due to the existence of writers. History exists due to the writers, otherwise it would have led to loss of traditional beliefs, cultures, and religion.

Actually, writing as a career gets lots of fun, excitements, and fame besides the amusing financial advances. As nobody is a born writer, so the skill must be developed and honed over years of hard work and practice. Thus, training is a requisite in the development of latent potentials of every aspiring writer. So why not start today.

Demand for Writers

There will always be a demand for writers who can connect with their audiences: Whether you write magazine articles, film screenplays, technical manuals, or novels. The need for those writers who can inform, entertain, motivate and persuade readers exists now and will exists in future too. Remember that if you able to make good audience connections with your writing, more opportunities will knock your door, leading to greater rewards.

The best part of writing career is that it is very flexible. Writers can make a move from one genre to another, seeing potential to reach greater audiences. Novelists are writing blogs, essayists are writing books, and freelance writers are writing about anything and everything. Writers are restricted only by their reluctance to learn and grow.

Bottom Line

Writers like, Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Coelho Paulo, Mark Twain and creative writers of other genre, have made an astonishing impact on people with their constructive writing style. This was not just the end! The power of the written words will continue to inspire and transform people and society.

So, if you are planning to choose writing as a career, keep struggling and working to reach your dream position. Stay tenacious and build your stamina to face all the challenges, as the pitfalls of the career are usually unknown. And most prominently, just write, write, and write.

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