Where Class 12th Result or Class 12th Marks Matter?

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The significance of class twelfth board exams, result or marks is dependably a matter of open discussion. Recently the students who have got their 12 board exam results might want to know how the class 12th result impacts their career decision. And those you have to appear for the exams next year, might want to know the value of marks obtained in class 12th.

Here we will discuss the answer to above questions.

The Significance of Class 12th Result

Your vocation objective depends on your class 12th result. As it were, the marks in your class 12th board exams will help you choose the next career decision. If you want to be an engineer, doctor, or a lawyer, you need to have minimum marks criteria set by the colleges for giving admissions. Be that as it may, the significance of class 12 marks additionally depends on what you need to become in your life or what business you will pick and how early you need to touch the statures of accomplishment.

How Class 12th Result Impacts College Admission

Keeping in mind the end goal to get a seat in top schools, class 12th result does matter, and getting good percentage too. For pulling up a chair for yourself in the top most college of the nation, all you require is to a get decent marks in the subjects that are required to take admission in the courses you are interested to pursue your career.

In some administration occupations, however, graduation is the principle criteria for some, posts. Still, there are posts that look for 12th and 12th pass students. Go in twelfth is obligatory, and a percentage measure is additionally there.

High Percentage is Not the Sole Criteria for Success

It’s true that to get into a top college you need a high percentage, but that does not mean those who don’t get into these colleges won’t succeed in life. Well, life is a big thing, and marks are just a small part of the school life. However, class 12th marks does matter, but success does not depend on the percentage of marks you get, but it depends on the attitude you have towards learning. An average student could turn out to be a topper in college life, while a class 12th high ranker could perform average in college.


Class 12th result impacts the career choices, but you always have other options to choose from if you haven’t got the desired percentage of marks. There are a lot of career options after 12th for you to choose from. However, if a student fails to score high in class 12th, it does not mean end of life. You will still get a lot of opportunities to show your talent, you might not be a person good at studies, but you might be a good sports person, a good actor, a good performer, or a good painter.

Just know the talent you have, because we are infinite and there so much in us that is unexplored. Start believing in yourself, set your goals, give your 100% to achieve those goals and success will follow.

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