15 Top Unique Career Options After 12th that You Can Pursue

unique courses after 12th

Students are usually confused about which stream and field to choose as their career after the 12th. There are a lot of courses after 12ththat students can avail of, but the most important concern is choosing the best and leaving the rest aside.

In today’s competitive world, students need to choose an out of the box and unique career option for themselves so that they can get great success in their chosen field and they also remain happy and satisfied in their personal as well as professional life.

15 Top Unique Career Options after 12th that you can pursue:-

Below is a list of 15 top career option after 12th. The students who get the best and most perfect career option after 12thamong the below ones will surely be able to fulfill all their dreams and lead a successful life ahead-

  • A career in Management:

Management is a very different and classy career option that needs amazing communication skills inside the person. To make a successful career in management, you should first get a degree of BBA and then MBA after 12th standard.

After qualifying for both these exams and degrees, a person can surely make a great career in management and can also get into the business world with their skills and caliber.

  • Armed Forces Opportunities:

Armed forces are the most important opportunity that people may get in their whole life. Some people may also be the first person of their whole family to join the armed forces. For joining the armed forces, people need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in any respective field that they love.

Armed forces also need proper physical setup and strength of the people and they should maintain themselves properly so that they can easily join these forces.

  • Fashion Designing:

This course is surely included in the list of unique courses after 12th because of its varied features and aspects. This course brings uniqueness and creativity in the ways of the students and makes them think very uniquely and out of the box.

Fashion designing has a lot of scope in the practical world and this has given the opportunities to the students to study and make their career all over the world.

  • AyurvedaDoctorate Degree:

Many conceptions persist in the world of Ayurveda and a degree of Ayurveda can give a brilliant career to the people. A lot of people think that Ayurvedic treatments are very slow and give many side effects to them and this misconception can be changed by the students of today’s world who believe in creativity and innovations.

A doctorate in Ayurveda is a prominent doctorate in today’s world and more and more people are going in that direction for getting a better and well-settled career for their whole life.

  • Agricultural Sciences:

Some sciences that are prioritized in a country like India which is rich in agriculture are very important careers in this country too. That is why the agricultural sciences are given a very great and prestigious position in our country. Agricultural sciences mainly includeGeography and Technology as its subjects and both these subjects can be included in the Arts stream.

Therefore, agricultural sciences should be considered very seriously by the students who want to make a career in the same.

  • National Defense Academy (NDA):

National Defense Academy (NDA) is a very strong and active field to be chosen as a career option by the students. The students who are physically strong and also brilliant in their logicand IQ can surely avail of this opportunity which they will never regret in the future.

NDA applications can be availed by the students immediately after the completion of their 12th standard.

  • Space Technology:

Space Technology is a very amazing career option that includes experimentation and research at different levels according to the work experiences and knowledge of the students.

Space Technology can be availed of by the students as a career option when they take up the science stream until 12th and qualify it with PCMB as their group. Both mathematics and physics are very much important for the students to become capable of choosing space technology as their career.

  • Nutritionist &Dietetics:

To become a nutritionist or dietetics, human biology and food-related knowledge are amust in people. Both these career options have a huge scope in industrial as well as personal setup.

  • Culinary Arts:

The students who love to cook and serve can surely take up this stream rather than going for hotel management or Home science. After 12th, the students can join the institutes that provide education about culinary art and describes the career scope of this field in brief.

  • Forensic Sciences:

Forensic science is an art of today and the future world. The fast progressing world brings a lot of disadvantages along with its advantages and to stop these drawbacks from destroying the whole world’s set up, forensic science is surely and greatly beneficial.

So, this science can also be thought of seriously as a good career option by the students after 12th.

  • Metallurgy:

Metallurgy is the science of studying the properties of metals and the purification & production of the same. In India, very few institutions have metallurgical engineering courses and that is why they have a huge scope in the practical world and can surely be pursued as a brilliant career option by the students after their 12th.

This course is also a very unique career option for those who want to think and achieve something out of the box.

  • Radio Jockey:

This is a very brilliant and unique course that gives great opportunities to the students and that too on a larger scale. Radio Jockeyis the people who conduct shows on the radio and entertain people with their communication skills.

This is one of the amazing and awesome courses after 12ththat students can take up as a career and have a great future for the same.

  • Banking & Insurance:

A lot of posts and positions are available in the banking and insurance sector and these positions give a lot of comfort and financial security to the people for their future.

So, the students who are interested in the commerce stream can surely take up this profession of their mathematics and calculations are brilliant and extraordinary.

The banking field needs proper numerical and accounts knowledge along with mathematics.

  • ITI Courses:

The ITI (Industrial Training Institutes) focus on providing jobs to a lot of students from various sections and professions. This is a unique career option that gives chance to all the students of almost all the streams to come and prove their caliber to get the world’s best jobs.

These courses are very beneficial for students in today’s world that is full of competition and struggle for survival.

  • Fitness Instructor:

If you are a fitness freak and want to do your career in the same, then you can choose to be a fitness instructor and guide people towards being fitter day-by-day and leading a happy life.

Being a fitness instructor is the most unique career option after 12thand more and more people should try and adopt this profession if they want to combine their passion with their profession successfully.

The above list of courses after 12thwill give you a detailed idea about the courses that you should prioritize and focus on.

What are the career option after 12th?

Many career results to be the best career option after 12thfor the students only if they choose the ones that are most appropriate and perfect for them.

The courses such as fashion designing, interior designing, MBBS, etc. are the courses which have scope in future and also give you a successful and stress-free professional life.

Short Overview of Courses after 12th:-

To take a short overview of unique courses after 12th science, commerce, and arts stream, you need to firstly focus on the interests and hobbies of the students and then choose a particular field for them according to the same.

If the students are admitted to some random course without taking into consideration their interests, then they may result in being an unsuccessful professional and may also lose confidence in themselves and their capabilities. So, proper analysis of the interests of students is a must before deciding on choosing a particular career.

High Salary Courses after 12th Art:-

Just like the High salary courses after 12th science, some courses such as hotel management, interior, and fashion designing, and mass communication are the unique courses after 12ththat can be pursued by the students if they have an interest in arts stream and want to have a good career in the same.

Such professional and enthusiastic courses in the arts stream improve the creativity of the students and make them potential and active.

High Salary Courses after 12th Commerce:-

Some professional courses after 12thare also present in the Commerce stream that provide high paying jobs for the people and gives them a successful career in their respective fields. The most important and highest paying course is that of a Chartered Accountant. This is the highest paying course among all the other commerce courses and that is why it is of special prestige in the views of the people.

Apart from CA, the other high salary commerce courses that can be chosen as a career option after 12th are cost accountant, investment banker, retail manager, etc. These jobs will definitely give you great opportunities regarding your career and your future professional life.


From the above elaborations and descriptions, it is clear that making a career choice after 12thdepends completely on your skills and calibers and you should not at all compromise with the same. Proper career counselling after 12thcan surely guide you in the right direction and will not let you get distracted from your goals and your aspirations ever.


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