How to Prepare for Indian Railway Exams

railway exam preparation

If you are preparing or applying for Indian railway examinations, then you landed at right place, as this article will guide you on how to achieve your successive goals on this path. There is always a confusion from where or how to start when it comes to preparation of competitive examinations.

Why Railways in Demand?

Railways is the largest network that needs a high man power to run. They not just have jobs for all educational levels, but offer a good pay at each level. Every other person from the crowd needs a job in India’s railway sector because it is a government job, along with handsome salary and other perks.

The Cutting-Edge Competition

The number of candidates appearing for Railway jobs is increasing every year. This means that an average preparation won’t get you success.

Factors to Consider:

A few small factors that can play a big role in determining your success in competitive exams for railway jobs are:

  1. Planning is Important: Invest time in understanding the exam syllabus, pattern and preparing the study schedule.
  2. Know about Railways: When you are seeking a job in Railways, it is expected that you have already done a research before making a final choice.
  3. Read Daily Newspaper: Reading newspaper not only improves your knowledge of current affairs, but also keeps you aware as a citizen.
  4. Time is the key to Success: Time management is critical, so plan your exam hall strategy keeping exam duration in mind.
  5. Use the Best Books: You cannot pick any book randomly for the exam preparation. You need use the books from best authors that are being used by successful candidates.
  6. Make use of Previous Papers: When you start your preparation keep previous papers of the exam handy. The papers will help you understand the pattern as well as the difficulty level of the questions.
  7. Food is Important: Eating healthy is a must for aspirants. When you do not eat properly, you are low on energy, and that impacts your preparation. So eat well and study hard.
  8. Do not compromise on Sleep: You need proper sleep for proper functioning of the brain cells. So sleep well.

Self-study for Success

Self-study is always helpful. Even if you join a coaching institute for exam preparation it would be of value only if you revise or study what you learned there.

When you right strategy, right books and the never give up attitude. You are destined to achieve success.

The Benefits of Self-study

  1. Notes made during self-study can help you during revisions.
  2. Taking self-mock test improves your confidence level and the preparation.
  3. Sample papers for self-assessment can be very helpful.
  4. You have your own strategy to follow. You study with relax mind that leads to better output.
  5. Group discussions with your friends are a source of knowledge.

Railway Jobs – Selection Process

  • Indian Railways usually recruit candidates by conducting competitive exams and an interview.
  • Written test is the mandatory stage that shortlists candidates for next stage, i.e interview.
  • The exam tests candidate’s technical ability, general knowledge, arithmetic/reasoning  ability and general science skills.
  • Personal interview is conducted to check candidate’s communication, confidence and attitude. This is easy to clear if you know about Indian Railways, have good communication, and a positive attitude.

Internet for Exam Preparation

Internet is a great source for preparation of competitive exams if used wisely. Educational channels on YouTube can help you in self preparation. Also, you will find many websites and blogs that are focused on railway exam preparation.

The Bottom Line 

So now you know how to prepare for railway jobs. Plan for success and work hard to reach your goal. Railway jobs are one of the most sought-after jobs in India. The competition is also cutthroat, so study, revise, rest and repeat.

All the best!

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