The Ultimate Career Guidance On Best Jobs For Women In India

Best govt jobs 2019 for female

In today’s time, if you are curious to work, then there are various job options available for you. For women also plenty of work options are available on regular or work from basis.

On educational front girl students generally performs better than the boys but on the professional front, the involvement of female is still lesser than the male. So to give more options to the women to earn here, we come with the information on ‘best jobs for Women in India.’

The stereotype present in our society makes the girls struggle more than boys to come out from their houses and get a well-paying job. Though Indian women have already found many avenues to shine on the professional front and these best jobs for women in India year 2020 will help the new girls to choose the most suitable career for them.

Now the Indian society has also accepted that career is equally essential for both men and women. Orthodox Indian society has also started to give the importance to the financial independence to a woman too. So here, to guide women, we have compiled this informative article based on the top career choices for women in India for the year 2020.

Best Jobs For Women In India

The general conception about the career for a female is that they are forced to leave their jobs, but the latest statics reveals a different story. According to the latest studies, now the ladies are not just working but challenging the men dominating careers as well.

Marriage and maternity are no longer a hurdle for a woman to grow professionally. We have compiled this post keeping the Indian women and their challenges in mind. So have a look at the most suitable and beneficial career choice you can pursue in and chose one for you;

Bank PO or Clerk Job

A lot has been talked about the benefits of a job in a bank. The banking sector is comparatively a more stable sector that offers job security to its workers. It is one of the most lucrative sectors that not only provide a better salary but provide other benefits as well.

It is suitable for the women as in banks; you don’t need to spend much time in the office as the timing is fixed. The chances of growth depend on your work and education in this sector, and all the banks follow the policy of no gender discrimination.

Human Resource

In most organizations, female candidates are the first choice for the human resource department. The career experts have different reasons behind suggesting HR jobs as the best one for the women.

A few experts believe that women are experts in communication and have better interpersonal skills than men. Well, reason can be anything, but it is one of the HR department is a female dominating department that pays well too.

Medical Field  

In a candid conversation, a career expert once accepted that females are better than males for the medical field as they are more sensitive than men. Moreover, the medical field offers a better salary and other benefits as well to its workers. The best part to join this field is that it is a noble work and you earn respect with money.

Fashion, Media and Glamour Industry

The glamour world offers the best pay and enormous popularity to talented and successful people. If you look at the media houses, you will find more females are working in this industry now.

The presence of women is visible on both sides, the front and the back of the camera. Women’s creative skillset gives the best results in designing costumes or sets for different events too.


Teaching is traditionally considered as the best job for women. Now many ladies are coming out from their homes to stand shoulder to shoulder to their counterparts. Earlier, when circumstance was not that supportive, then also women used to prefer this profession.

The growing popularity of online education has increased more possibilities for women to do better earning and that too from their homes only. Teaching in government and private schools and taking home tuitions are still the best option got women to be finically independent.  

Fitness Trainer Job

Now the people are getting more aware of their fitness, and it has increased the job options. So fitness trainer has become an exciting and well-paid profession. Though still, the numbers of male trainers are higher than the female ones in any fitness centre, the demand for female trainers is increasing rapidly.

Many certificates in Yoga and fitness are available on a national and international basis. You can get a job of a fitness trainer in any reputed gym or start offering training as a freelancer after the completion of these courses.

Software Developer    

The growing market for software development offers plenty of jobs to both male and female job seekers. Like the previous year, the software development sector will have the best jobs in 2020 also.

This job gives you the freedom to work from anywhere. Now, many Indians companies also allow their employees to opt for this facility. So here you get the freedom to chose to come or not to come to the office regularly. 

The Last Word  

The professions we mentioned here are perfect for the women in India, but at the end of the day, it is your wish for what kind of occupation you want to choose.

Now the gap between the numbers of male and female employees in any government and private sector is shrinking, and more women are coming out from their homes to become an equal earner for their families. We support women empowerment in India, and this article is a small initiative from our side to guide them to choose the best jobs for women.

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