6 Reasons Why Image Consulting is a Perfect Career Opportunity for Women

Image Consulting career for women

Women have been known to run the households since ages. But with time, they have evolved into successful leaders too. They are wired to thrive in the changing environments with skills that are naturally instilled in them. Their strengths make them the perfect candidates for training and counselling jobs, especially Image Consulting.

Image Consultants help people enhance their professional and personal image through grooming and mentoring. And since women naturally have the tendency to nurture, they can be trusted to stay at the helm of the industry.

More and more women are choosing image consulting over other career options and registering with image consulting institutes. Find out why.

1. Natural Sense of Grooming – Some women are natural divas, and some are minimalists. But women sure know how to preen themselves. It cannot be argued that women have a natural sense of colour, style, shape, clothing, makeup, and scents. This helps them choose just the right clothes that complement their body, complexion, in fact, their overall personality. Women, even without any professional training can dress to impress.

Image consulting courses help them build on their passion for style. With proper training, their intuitive sense of bringing out the best in a person is escalated. This makes them just the right fit for grooming and styling people for all occasions, be it personal or professional.

2. Multitaskers – Neurobiologists conducted advanced brain research using MRI technology which demonstrated more than 100 biological differences between the female and male brains. One of them is task orientation. While men focus on one task, women tend to gravitate toward multitasking.

Image Consulting is the most flexible career option that doesn’t require restraining yourself to a schedule. And since most women juggle between work and household responsibilities, it helps them improve their professional life without having to compromise the needs of their family. Here’s how:

● Image Consultants can ditch the same old 9 to 5 routine and work in a schedule that best suits their lifestyle.

● Image Consultants can choose to work from anywhere, even their homes.

● The number of hours or days Image Consultants dedicates to work depends on the type of project they undertake.

3. Social Presence – Women are often characterized by high levels of prosocial behaviour. They are more outgoing and socially active than men are. Hence, women find it easier to communicate with people and make friends. This is a huge advantage when it comes to choosing Image Consulting as a career since this profession requires communicating with people to not just help them for image enhancement, but also to expand the professional network.

4. Emotional Intelligence – Simon Baron-Cohen, a renowned clinical psychologist said that there’s an extreme “female brain” which is high in emotional empathy. This makes it easier to believe that women tend to have an edge over men when it comes to emotional intelligence. Emotional empathy helps in building rapport and chemistry which are required for all professions that include training and counselling.

Since women are more emotionally intelligent, they can put themselves in another person’s shoe which is fundamental to enhancing one’s image. Here are a few more reasons why emotional intelligence is critical to all the image consultant jobs:

● Emotional intelligence helps Image Consultants understand what makes a person feel underconfident and what aspect of their personality needs to be worked upon.

● Emotional intelligence helps Image Consultants convey their thoughts and give feedback to their clients without hurting their sentiments.

● Emotional intelligence helps Image Consultants analyse the body language of their clients which helps in better Image Management.

5. Attention to Detail – In the advanced brain research using MRI technology, it was discovered that women tend to grasp information more through their senses which is why they generally have an eye for detail.

Image Consultants are trained to see the bigger picture while closely looking at the fine details. And since women are more detail-oriented, their foresightedness improves even further with the training. Here’s why attention to detail is critical to the image consulting career:

● It helps analyse the client’s home, work and social environment that play a major role in sculpting their personality.

● It is very critical for grooming since even a small accessory can impact the image positively or negatively.

6. Interpersonal Skills – According to Bentley’s Preparedness Study, women have great organizational and interpersonal skills. While interpersonal skills are critical for success in every career, they are essentially important in building a successful career as an Image Consultant.

Often, clients are sceptical about a suggested change in their personality. But with great interpersonal skills Image Consultants can convince them about taking the right course of action.

While women are a natural fit for the industry, anyone who has a passion for training and mentoring can become an Image Consultant. So, choose the best image consulting course and join an industry that’s worth thousands of crores.

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