Girls, Fulfill Your Dream To Enter Indian Air Force With These Exams

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It was since 1992 when India women were granted the permission to be able to fulfil their dreams of building a career in the Indian Armed Forces, Navy, and Air Force.

Previously, the females in India were only allowed to be a part of Short Service Commission means working as a non-technical ground staff. With the changing time, Indian females are also allowed to be a part of the combat force in Indian Air Force.

Avani Chaturvedi became the first solo woman to fly a fighter plane on 27 March 2018. Several woman fighter pilots in Indian air force are creating their unique identity and fulfilling their dreams in the Indian Air Force.

However, not everyone is aware of the bits and pieces of the entrance examinations. Below are the various Indian Air Force Entrance Exams and their eligibility that one needs to be aware of:

AFCAT Entries:

For any girl who would love to fly high with her dreams, then AFCAT is an important Air Force entrance exam that one should give in order to enter Air Force. The exam is held twice every year.

After an examinee qualifies the written exam, she is called for the SSB interview. The following are the branches which one could choose to opt for:

  1. The Flying Branch
  2. The Technical Branch
  3. The Ground Duty Branch

These each wing has different exams and eligibility to be followed.

Non-AFCAT entry (CDSE and FTS)

This is a non-AFCAT entry that will allow you to in the Air Force. The following is the wing which can be opted by the candidates:

Meteorology Branch

In order to enter the Air Force through the Non-AFCAT, the age criteria are 20 to 25 years of age and 27 years for the Ph.D. candidates.

NCC Special Entry Air Force

In order to enter the Air Force through the NCC, it is compulsory for the candidates to NCC Air Wing Senior Division “C” certificate. This is mandatory for the candidates.

Also, the candidate must have scored a minimum of 60% with Physics and Maths background IN 10+2 and should be a graduate with a three-year degree course in any discipline.

There are a lot of jobs for women in defence sector in India.  Here we discussed few Air Force entrance exam that girls could give in order to enter the Indian Air Force.

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