How NCC ‘C’ Certificate Benefit in Defence Sector Jobs

Benefits of NCC Certificates

National Cadet Corps popularly known as NCC is an Indian Military Cadet Crops. NCC is open for the students of colleges and schools. The main aim of the NCC is to develop disciplined and nation oriented youth. In NCC many types of training are conducted to develop the skills of teamwork among the NCC Cadets. NCC is a like very basic training for the cadets that can help them to join Defence Sector job.

NCC is a voluntary organisation for the students of the schools and colleges. To join NCC the age of school students should be above 13. NCC offers three types of certificates to its cadets. These certificates are based on the level of training. Here is the detail of NCC C Certificates.

NCC ‘C’ Certificate

NCC gives 3 types of certificates to its cadets. These certificates are as follows;

  • ‘A’ Certificate: Cadets get the NCC ‘A’ Certificate in school level up to class 10th.
  • ‘B’ Certificate: Cadets get ‘B’ certificate in class 11th or 12th.
  • ‘C’ Certificate: Cadets get ‘C’ certificate at the graduation level.

All the certificates are beneficial for the cadets but the ‘C’ certificate is considered as the most significant and helpful especially in defence sector jobs.

Let’s know how the NCC ‘C’ certificate can benefit you in Defence sector job.

Benefits of NCC ‘C’ Certificate in Defence Sector Jobs

 After receiving the ‘C’ certificate in NCC the cadet gets eligible for the direct SSB interview.  Here are the other detailed benefits of NCC ‘C’ Certificate in the jobs at defence sectors.

·  CDSE (Men)

If you have NCC ‘C’ Certificate and you want to join the CDSE then you will get benefited with reservation of a few seats in IMA and INA. To get the benefits of reservation you need to clear the CDSE and subsequent SSB. In CDSE recruitment a separate merit list is prepared for the NCC cadets.

In IMA (Army Wing) 13-15 vacancies are reserved for ‘C’ Certificate holders. In INA (Naval Wing) 05-08 vacancies are reserved for the NCC ‘C’ Certificate holders.

·  Short Service Commission of 5 years (non-technical) 

To get a job under Short Service Commission there is a special entry scheme for the NCC cadets. You need to have 50% marks in graduation and NCC ‘B’ and ‘C’ certificate. An unmarried candidate with the age limit of 19-25 years can apply for this defence sector job.

·  Indian Navy

You can join Indian Navy if you are an unmarried male graduate in BE/BSc (Phys & Maths) and NCC ‘C’ certificate. To get selected in the Indian Navy you need to face SSB interview and medical examination. As you have the NCC C certificate so you will be exempted from the written exam.

·  Indian Air Force

NCC ‘C’ certificate will help the cadets to get a job in Indian Air Force. If you have NCC ‘C’ certificate then you will get the reservation of 10% in all course of IAF including flying training courses. Other benefits of NCC C certificate are that you will not face UPSC Exam and the only hurdle for you will be SSB.

·  Other Benefits

CRPF: In CRPF the NCC cadets holding 3rd division degree are eligible for recruitment at a gazetted post.

For ORs, Sailors, Airmen: in the recruitment process of Ors, Sailors and Airmen the NCC ‘C’  certificate holders get the 5 to 10 per cent bonus marks award for recruitment.

Para Militarily Force:  In Para Militarily Force the NCC ‘C’ certificate holder gets the  2 to 10 bonus marks.

Reserved Vacancies: In Army 64 vacancies are reserved for NCC ‘C’ certificate holders every year for IMA Dehradun through UPSC and SSB interview. 100 vacancies are reserved for NCC ‘C’ certificate holder in Officer Training Academy (OTA), Chennai for Short Service Commission Non-Technical without any UPSC Exam and through SSB interview only.

The Bottom Line

So here are the details of the benefits of NCC ‘C’ certificates in defence sector jobs. NCC offers the overall development to the young students so it’s always advisable to join NCC.

If you have any query related to the NCC and its benefits then please drop it in the comment box below, we will answer it.


    • Hi Moni, you asked a really good question. Female candidates with NCC C certificate can join Indian Armed Forces, only after they have completed their graduation. Like male candidates only unmarried are eligible to join the Armed Forces. Now, to answer your question precisely, you are not eligible to join as the candidates should be unmarried before joining Indian Armed Forces.

    • Getting NCC A certificate is the initial phase for serving as cadet in different wings of Indian army. The benefit is that your son is now familiar with the cadet life and is getting ready for defence jobs.

  1. I have C certificate with A grading in NCC and even national level NSS certificate too. I m married and 32year old. Can these two certificates help me to get any job in airlines security forces?

  2. I’m sw, I completed my graduation and got b Grade in c certificate and I want to go in ncc stream and want to serve is there any suitable job for me there

  3. My daughter is doing NCC ist time in 10+1. Is she eligible for govt job after graduation and 3yr course of NCC. She is 16yrs old NOW.

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