Air Force – An Exciting Career Option


Career in Air Force: Do you have a patriotic zeal and passion to safeguard the country against enemies? If yes, than career in defence services is your perfect career. Indian Air Force career is among the best jobs in the country, that offers a healthy work environment for the most adventurous youth. As well as a lucrative salary and luxury life. If you are still not sure is this is your perfect career, take help of career counsellors to find your right career.

Road to Dream Indian Air Force

Those who want to become pilot in Indian Air Force, but do not know which career route will take them to their dream job. You landed at the right page, you will get answers to all your questions here. There are several roads to reach this career, but all of them have something in common. People looking to grab position of a commissioned officer in the Air Force, need to have at least a 4 year college degree. Similarly for different positions the eligibility varies.

Indian Air Force – 4th Largest in the World

  • Indian Air Force is the fourth largest Air Force in the world, which include 45 squadron force.
  • Indian Air Force has revamped many of its promotion policies for keeping pace with careers in civil and for making the Air Force Service more eye-catching.

Entry through NDA

Indian Air Force, could be a choice for students studying in 12th or who have passed their exams. If you are planning to build a career in Air Force make sure you become a pass out before the NDA (National Defense Academy) course starts.

You should be aware that for becoming a flying officer or a fighter pilot, you also need to meet some physical and medical standards along with the educational qualification required for the job. Becoming an Air Force flying officer is not just limited to flying fighter aircraft, it also needs you to deal with several different types of aircrafts. You may be required to fly helicopters, cargo and transport related aircraft while working for Indian Air Force (IAF).

I will not discuss the process of joining IAF in much detail, I will focus on the required educational qualifications, physical standards and other things required for the IAF.
Candidates who have passed 10+2 with science subjects such as Mathematics and Physics subjects could appear for NDA exam. Students in their 12th standard are also allowed to appear for the exam, if they satisfy the exam’s minimum age limit criteria. Otherwise for joining IAF you need to have a 4 year degree.

To join the Indian Air Force as Flying Officer, after passing 12th grade, you should be 19 years when the course starts at NDA. You should know that the 10+2 NDA entry scheme is only for male candidates, who aim to become IAF Flying Officers.

You need to satisfy some physical standards for joining IAF. Here I share few main things that are checked in physical examination:

  • Height and weight ratio
  • Hearing capacity
  • Mental and physical health
  • Healthy joints and bones

Developed chest that expands at least 5 centimeters after full inspiration
So you now know the educational qualification required to join IAF. If you satisfy these criteria, along with the age limit, medical and physical standards, apply for the IAF.

Now the question comes, how to and when to apply for the IAF. For entering the IAF you need to appear for the CDS examination held by UPSC two times every year. UPSC releases the advertisements for CDS Exam in the month of May and December every year. You need a good mental and physical preparation for clearing the exam. It is very easy to apply for exam as the registration process is made online.

The Bottom Line

Your dream of becoming a part of IAF can be a reality if you prepare early, have a plan ready and take right guidance. Remember IAF needs people who are strong both physically and mentally. So while keeping up with your mental health, don’t miss on your physical fitness. We wish you luck for the exam!

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