Benefits For NCC Certificate Holders in CDS Recruitment

NCC Benefits in CDS

NCC ‘C’ Certificate is considered as the most beneficial one in the defence sector jobs but other two certificates also have their own benefits in defence recruitment. The benefits of NCC are not limited up to the jobs in defence sector. But in defence the importance of NCC training is increased because in NCC cadets learn many basic things that can help them during the training of defence sector jobs. NCC cadets get the certificate after the completion of each stage of their training. These certificates are as follows;

  • NCC ‘A’ Certificate
  • NCC ‘B’ Certificate
  • NCC ‘C’ Certificate

Out of all three certificates, the NCC ‘C’ certificate is the most significant one.  But each certificate has its own value.

The ‘C’ certificate is given to the cadets after the completion of NCC training in graduation level. At this level, the NCC training becomes a bit advanced and the focused towards the defence sector jobs. In short, we can say that NCC is the basic training for the cadets who want to join Defence services for their career.

An NCC cadet is always more trained than the other candidates during the training in defence services.  Therefore the NCC certificate holders get advantages in the defence sector, especially in CDS recruitment. 

Benefits of NCC Certificates in CDS Recruitment

Here are the details of that benefits which you can avail if you are an NCC certificate holder and preparing for CDS Exam.

  • If you have the ‘C’ certificate of NCC then the journey of CDS becomes less tough for you. In CDS the recruitment is done through the following three steps; the written exam, SSB Interview and medical examination. An NCC ‘C’ certified candidate can reach directly to the SSB interview round and then medical examination. You should also know that the NDA SSB interview and CDS SSB have many things in common.
  • Candidate having NCC ‘C’ certificate should also have a graduation degree from a government recognised university with minimum 50% marks. Then only you can avail the benefits of NCC ‘C’ certificates.
  • NCC Cadet should get A or B grade in NCC ‘C’ certificate to reach directly to the SSB interview round
  • Apart from the exemption from written exam in CDS, there is another benefit that the NCC certificates can offer to the NCC cadets. The defence sector has reserved seats for NCC Cadets in IMA. But clearing SSB interview is a must to get a seat in IMA.
  • If you have the NCC certificate and still want to appear in CDS written exam then you will get some benefits in marks because of the NCC certificates. Rest of the process of CDS recruitment will remain same.
  • In Short Service Commission (NT) there is NCC Special Entry Scheme for both Men & Women (including Wards of Battle Casualties of Army Personnel).

The Bottom Line

Apart from all the aforementioned benefits of NCC certificates in CDS recruitment, this training helps the young students to have a disciplined life. The NCC cadets have some intrinsic qualities that help them to do well in all types of career. You need to be serious for NCC training to get benefited from it.

In case you have any query related to NCC Certificates and defence job or any other topic then please drop it in the comment section below. Our team will answer your query.


  1. Firstly thank you very much for for the information.
    Secondly, I would like to know the updates of CDS exam for the year 2019. I have my NCC ‘C’ certificate with A grade and I would like to joint in defence service but need a guidance to reach out my goal. We northeast youth face difficulties in reaching our goal for serving our country due to transportation problems and all. So, I would like to ask for you guidance for the very reason.
    Thank you.

    • For CDS II Exam 2019 the notification will be released in June 2019. Online applications will start in first week of July 2019. Exam will be held in September 2019. We will update on our blog as soon as the registration starts. Stay tuned and let us know if you need more help.

  2. how many vacancies are there in CDS for mens and is there a benefit in CDS for the student whose father is in army and he has a ncc c certificate

    • The number of seats varies, complete detail will be available in CDS Exam Notification, released by the UPSC. The number of seats in the official notification will include reserved seats for NCC candidates.

  3. THANK YOU so much for the info
    I got ‘C’ grade in NCC ‘C’certificate but I want to write CDS I’m I eglibile for IMA FOR THOSE FEW NCC VACNACY??

    • NCC ‘C’ Certificate holders with A grade with age between 19-25 years can directly go to the SSB interview, skipping the entrance exam. B grade can also apply but C grade in NCC ‘C’ certificate don’t have much value. However, 32 vacancies are reserved in regular course of IMA for NCC ‘C’ certificate holders, irrespective of their position in the merit list, subject of passing the entrance exam and clearing the SSB interview.

      To answer your question, yes you can apply for those few IMA NCC vacancies.

  4. Thanks for all information sir

    I want to know that how many marks given to the C certificate holders in cds written exam

    • Hi Deepak, There are not much direct benefits of NCC ‘C’ certificate in the CDS written exam, The value of NCC ‘C’ Certificate depends on the grade you have achieved in the certification. There are grade A, B and C in ‘C’ certificate. If you have grade A or B, you can apply directly for SSB round and need not to appear for CDS written exam.

      Also, if you have a C grade in NCC ‘C’ Certificate, and you clear the CDS exam, then your certificate will add to your impression on the SSB panel.
      We will discuss the benefits in detail in one of our post that we will publish soon. Stay tuned.

      Here you get complete details:

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