A, B & C Certificates of NCC: Defence And Non-Defence Benefits

NCC certificates and benefits

National Cadet Corps or NCC is a highly reputed body and Tri-Services Organization, comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force. The main aim of NCC is to prepare the youth to join Indian Forces in coming time. It doesn’t mean that NCC welcomes only the Indian force aspirants, in fact, its open for all and students can join it on a voluntary basis. 

NCC training not only prepares youth to join the Indian Armed force but it also prepares the students to be a disciplined and nation loving civilians. NCC gives the basic training to its cadets in small arms and parades. NCC cadets are not fully prepared to join the Indian forces directly without any training but as they have the basic training so they get preference on others.

NCC Training helps the students to be active and the certificates they get after the training give them Defence and Non-Defence benefits. In this post, we have compiled the benefits that different NCC certificate offers to its cadets.

NCC Certificates

NCC gives three types of certificate to its cadets based on their level of training. Here is the detail of same;

  • NCC ‘A’ Certificate:  this certificate is given to the cadet when they complete the first level of training and most probably are in school. A Cadet earns this certificate after 1-2 year training and attending minimum 1 camp.
  • NCC ’B’ Certificate: This certificate is given to the cadet when the cadet has a minimum 75% of attendance in NCC training in the senior wing.
  • NCC ‘C’ Certificate: the highest certificate offered by NCC is ‘C’ certificate. It comes with many benefits. Any cadet can earn this certificate in the third year of training and after attending minimum of 2 national trainings.

Benefits of NCC Certificates

The highest certificate of NCC ‘C’ Certificate comes with a large number of benefits in Defence and Non-defence sector but rest two certificates also offer benefits  to the candidates;

Non-Defence Benefits

Many students have this belief that NCC certificates help only those who want to have a career in Armed Forces but the fact is NCC benefits you not only to be a disciplined civilian but in your education too. Here are the non-defence benefits of NCC Certificates;

  • NCC cadets are entitled to get incentives from the state or center government. NCC Cadets get the Daily Allowance, Messing Allowance, Washing & Polishing, Refreshment, and other allowances during the training period.
  • Cadets with A or B certificates get a scholarship in 12th and higher classes of Rs 6000/- and Rs 12,000/- respectively as a one-time payment.
  • 66 cadets in their ‘C’ certification also awarded with Rs 30,000/- each for one year common for Boys and Girls cadets all over India for their professional studies.
  • Candidates with NCC ‘B’ certification get a reservation in the admission in few colleges.
  • NCC Cadets get bonus marks in the recruitment in telecommunication department, state services and many other jobs related to security.
  • Many companies especially security companies prefer candidates with ‘C’ certificate to join them.

Defence Benefits

The defence is the sector where the NCC certificate helps a lot. NCC ‘C’ certificate plays an important role here too but ‘A’ and ‘B’ certificate also help the Indian Armed Force aspirants.

  • In Indian Navy NCC cadets with Artificer Apprentices, Diploma Holder gets some extra marks based on their NCC certificate for the post of Direct Entry Sailor.
  • ‘A’ certificate holders get 22 marks
  • ‘B’ Certificate holders get 44 marks and
  • ‘C’ certificate holders get 66 additional marks
  • In Indian Air Force candidates with NCC certification gets additional marks based on their certificates.
    • ‘A’ Certificate holders get 03 marks
    • ‘B’ Certificate holders get 04 marks and
    • ‘C’ Certificate holders get 05 additional marks
  • In recruitment for Indian army as a solider all 3 certificates help as follows;
  • ‘A’ Certificate holders get extra 5 marks in each examination
  • ‘B’ Certificate holders get extra 10 marks in each exam
  • ‘C’ Certificate holders who have participated in republic day parade will get 100% marks in lieu of CEE.
  • In CDSE (Men) a separate merit list is prepared for NCC cadets with ’C’ certificate.
  • For Special entry (Men & Women) 50 vacancies are reserved for ‘C’ certificate holders for NCC Spl. Entry (non-tech) in OTA Chennai. In AFA Hyderabad 10% of total vacancies are reserved for ‘C’ certificate Air Wing holders in all courses.
  • In Para Military force NCC ‘C’ Certificate cadets get 2 to 10 bonus marks.  
  • In CRPF candidates with 3rd division in degree becomes eligible to be recruited on gazetted posts.
  • In the recruitment of CRPF, ITBP and Coast Guard also the NCC certificate holders get benefits. 

Non Tangible Benefits of NCC 

We have mentioned the benefits that an NCC cadet can get in terms of a job or other facilities but a part of these tangible benefits the NCC cadets get few non-tangible benefits as well. Here are the other benefits that NCC cadets enjoy;

  • Few NCC cadets get a chance to march in Republic day’s Parade when they are students only.
  • The NCC camps give thrilling and adventures experience to the NCC cadets.
  • A few selected cadets undergo for Para jumping at PTS, Agra along with Indian commandos.
  • Few cadets also get selected for international training, Mountaineering Basic Course, Mountaineering Advanced Course, and other courses. 

Bottom Line

NCC prepares the young minds to join Armed forces and to lead a disciplined life as civilians. NCC training and camps not only teach teamwork and keep the cadets physically active too. NCC develops qualities of leadership and team spirit to the youth which help them in all walks of life.    

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