How to Prepare for NDA SSB Interview

NDA SSB interview

SSB Interview is a decision maker phase of NDA exam. After clearing the NDA written examination, applicants have to face SSB Interview. It’s a must for candidates to have the right NDA SSB preparation strategy to get overall success in NDA exam. To know how to prepare for NDA SSB interview read this page.

In this post, we will share a few NDA SSB interview tips as SSB interview in NDA is not easy to clear. Every year a huge number of  applicants appear for NDA exam and only a few thousand reach up to the SSB interview for NDA.

What we discuss:

  • NDA SSB Interview Tips
  • Know the Procedure of NDA SSB Test
  • Perform Self-Analysis
  • Self Study
  • Stepwise Preparation
  • Be Aware of Current Affairs
  • Brush up your knowledge about everything

A lot of candidates face rejection in SSB interview in NDAand thus this phase is considered as the most difficult. So, to successfully clear the  NDA selection process, follow the concept of the earlier the better.

If you are curious to know about how to prepare for NDASSB interview then here we have some NDA SSB interview tips for you.

NDA SSB interview tips

If you are searching for how to prepare for NDA SSB then you have landed on the right page. Your this search shows that your preparation for NDA is going in the right direction as preparation for the NDA SSB interview is as important as it is for NDA written exam.

Here we have important NDA SSB interview tips for you. These tips will prepare you to face the challenges of SSB interview and reduce the chances of failure.

Know the Procedure of NDA SSB Test

The SSB interview is not a day’s matter and it is not like any normal and formal interview. Here you will have to face a series of tests that may take 3 to 4 days.

The SSB interview in NDA includes several tests:

  • The first test in SSB interview will be screening test (PPDT) followed by group discussion and those who cleared it will have to be at SSB center for next couple of days.
  • During the stay at SSC center, you will face Personal Interview round and other tests including SRT (Situation Reaction Test), WAT (Word Association Test), Progressive Group Task, Final Group Task, Command Task, Physical Test and Conference round.  These tests will be conducted one after another so be prepared as you may not get the time to make a strategy for the next test when facing the  SSB Interview.

Perform Self-Analysis

In order to provide SD (Self Description), you need to talk about your hobbies, strengths, and weakness.  You will have to repeat the same SD during interviews as well so before just saying the things about you first think if it’s related to you or you are just coping someone’s points.

You should know about you first before speaking in front of SSB officers. They will catch you lies easily do from my side one of the best tips to crack NDA SSB interview is to perform self-analysis first and then talk about your positive and no to positive sides.

Self Study

SSB interview is another level of test for your intelligence check so you need to prepare for it. To prepare for or SRT and WAT you may take help from books for SSB Interview. More practice will help you in the show time.

Stepwise Preparation

No book can help you to prepare for Group Tasks, PI, Physical Test round and Conference round. For this, you will have to work on you to enhance your skills. Your decision-making skills, communication skills, and analytical thinking will help you with a group task.

PI (Personal Interview) is a tricky situation and you can handle it with confidence and honesty.

During PI your presence makes noise so sit in right posture and make the eye contact with the interviewer while answering his questions.

Don’t get nervous and stay calm. An important NDA SSB interview tip is to think before you talk.

Be Aware of Current Affairs

Usually, NDA applicants ignore the current affairs and focus on the preparation of other tests. But sometimes during PI interviewer may ask the questions related to current affairs.

During GD also knowledge of current affairs may help you. So keep yourself updated with all the current affairs. Reading newspapers and competitive magazines can help you with this.

Brush up your knowledge about everything

In PI any question related to anything connected to you can be asked. So you need to do is prepare of just any random question related to your subjects in 10+2 or your native place or anything.

What you need to do in this situation is, be open-minded and speak if you know or say politely that you don’t know the answer. Just don’t lie or pretend that you know everything.

The Bottom Line

You cannot do the complete preparation of NDA SSB interview in a single night. Spend time to make the NDA SSB preparation strategy instead of thinking how to crack NDA SSB interview.

We wish you luck for your NDA exam. In case of any further query related to NDA SSB interview tips, you can write to us in the comment box.


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