Best Career Options for Women in the Government Sector in 2019

Best govt jobs 2019 for female

The government jobs are one of the biggest trends that are followed in India. People are opting to take extensive coaching and study really hard just to cross the boundary of government exams. Unlike years back, females are also actively participating in this race of getting a government job. If anything, there are many female officers that have managed to have more popularity due to their work as compared to male.

On top of that, add it up with the 7th pay commission, it has triggered a new upsurge of government jobs. We have summed up some of the major job profile for the year 2019 in which women can try out an opportunity as an occupation.

Best Career Options for Women in the Government Sector in 2019

  1. Indian Administrative Services – IAS

This is one of the most proclaimed jobs that people run for during Civil Services exams. The Civil Service 2019 is not going to be any different than this. There are many women and men that will be participating in the examination due to its reputation and image. On top of that, the post promised a handsome salary to claim that is worthy of all the hard work. It also provides an amazing and reputed designation to live up to with multiple facilities.

  1. Bank Clerk and PO

This is another post that is considered ideal for women. The main factor is that the working hours are amazingly fitting along with different facilities. Also, the female candidates can participate in the examination that is difficult but easier than civil services. However, this bank job has enhancement in terms of popularity with the introduction of Bhartiya Mahila Bank. It is the first bank in India that is for women only.

  1. Staff Selection Commission – SSC

This type of examination is usually for the graduates only. This examination followed up by the graduates to claim the officer’s post in several departments. The job is mainly for the central government department that leaves a chance open to female to claim it as per their wish. In addition to this, the department that is added is valued and respected among people so you can understand the position role. There are Custom and Excise, CBI, Income Tax, etc. departments that are best for women.

  1. Indian Foreign Service – IFS

If till now you believed that IAS is the department that paid the highest salary then think again. It is actually IFS that have the best and handsome salary to offer to a candidate. On top of that, for women who love to travel, this job is something that will cover her heart desire. One can visit and roam around the world. It also opens up the chance to learn a number of things with no complications. It is considered one of the best government job that women can try to claim.

  1. ONGC

Yes, many people think that ONGC, being a petroleum industry doesn’t have many options for women. But they are wrong. It actually has a lot of options that a female can go through with the handsome salaries in hand. Also, it has so many facilities for their workers such as furniture wage, mobile, laptop, allowance and even reimbursement offers. You can definitely go through their list of the job posting to claim their offers.

6. Teaching

Teaching is always considered as an ideal job option for women, and trend will be followed in the year 2019 as well. There are many gateways through which women can get into this profile, a few to name would be CTET, UPTET, NET, SLET, TGT. Through these exams you can get a teaching job in a school or college based.

7. Indian Railways

Indian Railways have the highest number of vacancies every year. Most of the jobs offered by the Indian Railways is of engineer, so if you have an engineering degree you must apply for these positions. Railways jobs are also one of the most sought after jobs in India, as they come with luxurious benefits provided by the Indian government. There are also many openings for other technical and non-technical posts. Railway jobs are a good option for women as the work demand and job pressure easily manageable.

8. Government Doctors

Medical field is undoubtedly the best career for women because to care for others in need is naturally in them. Being a government doctors in government hospitals is highly respectable and comes with a handsome salary. We can say this job is demanding, at times it might require handling critical cases even at midnight. However, the benefits provided are directly proportional to the work demand.

Bigger Picture

There are no longer any boundaries for Indian women now. They are actively participating in so many fields and industries with no problem at all. On top of that, the government is also taking a step forwards the education of girls children and their jobs. They are giving an option for females to grow and make a better future for themselves and our nation. There are respected posts, good salaries and even many benefits for women to shine brightly. All they have to do is to let their career take the front seat and grow to reach a whole new level.

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