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The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual self-help book to help you discover your true self, relieve pain, and find deep inner peace. Being present in Now means you react with deep awareness and walk through the life easily and happily. This ‘The Power of Now’ book summary gives you the insight of the book, shares ideas and advice on mindfulness, spiritual enlightenment discussed by Eckhart Tolle and gives all the reasons to buy this book to unleash the power of now.

What the Book is about?

Tolle has shared the circumstances and experiences that led to his “enlightenment.” The depression and anxiety phases of his life and how at the age of 29 a personal encounter changed his life.

Tolle understood his life transformation a few years later. The book “The Power of Now” serves as a self-help spiritual guide that discusses what author discovered through his experience and years of his psychological study. The most exciting part of this book is that it is in the form of Questions and Answers, so you get answers to all the questions you have about spiritual enlightenment. Here in this article, we have shared a few lessons from “The Power of Now” in the form of book summary. We will explore a bit more about what this book discuss… let’s get started…

Enlightenment: Beyond the Thoughts

The ego is not who you really are, so it can only exist by using outside sources. It nurtures the past and the future. As long as you identify yourself with your mind, it will continue to be your biggest obstacle to enlightenment.

Enlightenment means “beyond thoughts”. With your enlightenment, you will always use your mind. The difference is that you can set it aside and have control over your mind. In simple words, you use your mind, but you are not its slave.

Focus on the Now

There are several factors that you must consider when focusing on the NOW….
The first thing is to stop “Creating Time”. Withdraw your attention from both past and future when it is not needed. The second lesson is to focus on the Now. Accept your present conditions and than plan your action from there. The third thing is “Present-Moment Awareness”, that means act as per the current moment. Tolle says that you must direct your complete focus into the present moment, but do not think, just be aware.


Your outer body ages and deteriorates over time, but your inner body remains the same. The more you “live” in your body or bring your consciousness into your body, the more your whole body seems to come back to life. When you are present and connected to a timeless inner surface, you increase the frequency of your vibrations, improve your natural self-healing capacity, slow down the aging process and boost your immune system.

Why To Buy “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle?

In this book, Eckhart Tolle tells you how to go deeper into your Being and connect to it  permanently. Tolle guides you how you act like a bridge between the Source and the external world. And this is enlightenment and for to know these secrets, you must read this book, you can buy it from amazon from here.

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