Atomic Habits by James Clear Book Summary

atomic habits book summary

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Atomic Habits book by James Clear is a wonderful four step guide to leaving bad behaviors and adopting good ones. The book tells you how tiny, incremental, daily routines result into remarkable, positive changes. Atomic Habits by James Clear says we execute a habit in a four-step pattern which includes cue, craving, response and reward.

Atomic Habits by James Clear Book summary in 3 Sentences

  • Big changes are a result of compound effects of many small habits or decisions that over time result into remarkable results.
  • The first step to achieve goals is to build systems for one habit that will take help us reach the goal.
  • Self-improvement is a result of habits. It is our every action that we perform daily that compound over time as self-improvement.

Who Should Read Atomic Habits by James Clear ?

This book is about habits, behavior and our every day actions, and as we all are what our habits are, there’s is no limit on who should read this book. In a nutshell, the book is for people of all age who want to achieve their goals, want to know how habits are formed and change bad ones into good ones, and want to know how create systems that help reach the goals.

Atomic Habits Book Summary 

In the book “Atomic Habits”, author James Clear reveals the ways to create good habits, here are the highlights from the book to give you an insight.

The laws of James Clear to create good habits:

  • Cue: Make it obvious.
    Cue is a piece of information that tells that there is a reward linked to it, like your favorite fruit put on the table.
  • Craving: Make it attractive.
    Craving is the motivation to change something to get the reward, like your favorite fruit on the table that you would want to eat.
  • Response: Make it easy.
    Response is your action and thoughts you will take to get to the reward. Like don’t keep a fruit hard to peel, keep the one which is easy to peel and eat.
  • Reward: Make it satisfying.
    Reward is the satisfying feeling from the change as well as the lessons whether to perform it again or not. Like you eat your favorite fruit and feel healthier and happy.

The author also mentions how by simply inverting the good habits you can break a bad habit:

  • Inversion of Cue: Make it invisible.
  • Inversion of Craving: Make it unattractive.
  • Inversion of Response: Make it difficult.
  • Inversion of Reward: Make it unsatisfying.

Wrap Up 

If want to change your behavior or habits, read “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. The other way to bring the change is to ask yourself a few questions, How to make it obvious? How to make it attractive? How to make it easy? and How to make it satisfying?

You get all the answers after to finish reading the book. Read the book to know the ultimate learning.

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