Make Your Bed By William H. Mcraven Book Summary

Make Your Bed By William H. Mcraven Book Summary

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Today’s life is busy, competitive and stressful. While competing through all the challenges and struggles, we forget to motivate ourselves, so to lift up the spirit read, William H. Macraven’s book “Make your Bed”. Here in this blog post, we will discuss Make Your Bed By William H. Mcraven book summary to give an insight of the secret shared. To know the details, we recommend you buying the book.

Make Your Bed By William H. Mcraven Book Summary

During his training as a Navy SEAL, McRaven learned how important it is to prepare his bed as first thing in the morning. William H. McRaven Jr. learned the value of bed-making early in his training as a SEAL cadet.

McRaven began the day by confirming to his superiors that he had done his duty. The recognition would greet him at the end of the day and he would go to bed proud of himself. When he recovered later in life from a life-changing injury, his bed became a symbol of his determination to get better and his desire to continue living a productive life.

Life Lessons from Make Your Bed By William H. Mcraven

  • Nothing can replace the strength and comfort of your own faith and the simple act of making your bed can give you the lift you need to begin your day and give you satisfaction at the end of it all.
  • It is easy to give up and stop trying when you think that life is unfair and it is not fair but you can learn to be better than you are and no matter how hard you try to be the best you can be, you will fail. But to know that life is not always fair, that you must put up with failures, that if you take risks you can take on something that leads to hard times if you stand up to bullies and support the weak, even if you don’t give up, you can do the things that the next generation and the generation will get after that, so that they can live in a better world than the one we live in today. When you do these things, you change your life for the better and you change the world.
  • Dare to be who you are and never know what is possible in your life. Life is a struggle, and those who are afraid to fail will never reach their potential.
  • Life to achieve its goals is as complete as a night swim if you are a man or a woman with great courage. Life in order to achieve goals is to be a man, a woman or a great courage to do so.
  • Exploring your limits, sliding headfirst over the ropes, daring something you never knew was possible in your life. Life is a struggle, and the potential for failure is always there, but those who live in fear of failure, hardship, and embarrassment never reach their potential.
  • Life is a struggle, and the potential for failure is always there, but those who live in fear of failure, hardship, and embarrassment will never reach their potential. If you persevere, if you allow yourself to be taught and strengthened by failure, you are better prepared to deal with the most difficult moments in life.

Admiral McRaven talks about research on willpower over the years. He stresses the importance of perseverance and not giving up what he attributes to Navy SEAL training. He teaches us that even in difficult times we can face challenges with discipline, determination and a positive attitude.

Real-Life Examples

He uses several real-life examples to explain how simple decisions made by a person can save lives. Based on his inaugural address to students at the University of Texas, this book describes ten lessons that Admiral McRaven learned during his thirty-seven years as a Navy SEAL. In this speech, Admiral McRAven and Bill go through ten lessons learned during SEAL basic training that have changed the way the world deals with life.

Admiral William McRavens guides us through 10 simple lessons based on Navy SEAL training to help us cope with the challenges and difficulties of daily life. The following is a thoughtful guide to how small tasks can change our daily lives and the world for the better. The first in the book is “Make Your Bed in the Morning,” a lesson that may seem insignificant, but can mean that the day begins with the completion of a task.

Admiral William H. McRAVEN reveals in his book Make Your Bed, the 10 Life Principles that helped him overcome obstacles and challenges to succeed where he thought he could fail. In this book titled “Make Your Bed,” a soldier reveals ten simple but effective rules learned during Naval SEAL training that can be applied to cope with the trials of civilian life. In “Make Your Bed,” Admiral McRAven shares 10 valuable lessons he learned during his time in the US military.

In fact, the ten principles he learned in his naval training, which helped him overcome the challenges he encountered during his long naval career, have guided him through his life and they apply to us all.

  • Start your day with the tasks that need to be done,
  • You can’t do it alone.
  • The size of your heart matters.
  • Life is not fair, but the urge to fail makes you stronger.
  • You need to be great.
  • Rise up occasionally.
  • Give up to people and never give up!

The Ultimate Learning

Daily life requires a sense of structure, and the simple act of getting a job done can give you extra pride and motivation to take the day you need.

Lesson number one is to start the day ticking off simple tasks like making beds. There are always tasks that remain unfulfilled, challenges that are not met, and they are often the result of lower tasks such as making beds. Start your day with a successful task (like making a bed), find the motivation to tackle others.

When the soldiers wake up, however, they are in no hurry to make their beds. The first to do this are those who wake up early so they can hurry to make their beds.

We hope this “Make My Bed” book summary gives you a good insight of the book and how it can change your life. The next step would be to learn from author by buying and reading the complete book.

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