IIT JEE Preparation Tips By Toppers

JEE Tips from Toppers

IIT JEE is not an easy exam to crack. Its vast syllabus needs preparation for years with proper planning. The difficulty level of the IIT JEE exams makes other aspirants curious to know about the strategies of topper students. So in this post, we have compiled some IIT jee toppers advice. Read these tips and develop your own strategy for the preparation of IIT JEE.

So, let’s get some preparation tips for IIT JEE from toppers.

IIT JEE Preparation Tips

We will start our post about the IIT JEE preparation tips from toppers with a basic, common but most important advice, ‘study what you love’. Don’t prepare for IIT JEE exam if you least bother about engineering. If you will love your subjects then only you will be able to develop a curiosity to know more. All the toppers have a different strategy for IIT JEE exam but they all share one same thing and that is a passion for engineering.

So now let’s focus on what toppers say about their preparation strategy for IIT JEE.

· Quality Not Quantity

According to JEE Main 2017 Topper Vasu Jain, the quality of study should matter not the quantity. In other words, you should focus on what you have studied or practised instead of, for how many hours you are studying.  As per Vasu, he didn’t follow any strict time table and he measured his study time by how many topics he has completed rather than how many hours he has studied for.

· Be an Early Bird

To complete the challenge of IIT JEE you need to start your preparations early. This is one of the most common preparation tips for IIT JEE from toppers. Approx 90% of toppers started their preparation for this exam in the early months of 11th standard or even before that. There is not a big difference between the syllabus of 11th and 12th standard and IIT JEE exam. So it becomes easy to handle the preparation and the schools both.  Kalash Gupta (AIR 3 in JEE Advanced) followed this thumb rule as he started his preparation in 11th standard.

·  Speed and Accuracy  

For Debaditya Paramanik (AIR 38 – 2017), speed is an important factor in the IIT JEE exam because the numbers of questions are high and you need to solve them in a limited time. According to Debaditya Paramanik, the speed can be developed by regular practice.

· Conceptual Understanding

According to Pranav Goyal from Panchkula, Haryana, the JEE Advanced 2018 topper, the understanding with concepts plays an important role in IIT JEE exam. In this exam, you cannot pass with the mugged up knowledge. Aman Bansal (AIR-1 JEE Advance 2016) also believes that you should be having the basic understanding with the concepts to score well in IIT JEE exam.  In maths and physics focus on understanding the basic concept. But this strategy will not work well in chemistry.  To ace in chemistry, the periodic table and other concepts should be on your fingertips. And for this, you can choose the mugging up technique.

·  Mock Tests and Sample Papers

One of the common IIT JEE preparation tips from toppers is to solve mock tests and sample papers. All the topers mentioned here have done practice to solve mock test and it helped them to handle the pressure of timing in IIT JEE exam. According to Satvat Jagwani (AIR 1 – 2015), mock tests can boost the confidence of the aspirants. Mock tests also tell you about your preparation status.

· Stress-Free studies

Bharat Khandelwal (AIR 5 – 2015) focused on stress-free preparations for IIT JEE. His advice to the future IIT JEE aspirants is to take a small break while studying. The same sort of advises Vasu Jain gives. As per Vasu Jain if you are not performing well in one subject than don’t take the pressure and try to divert your mind. You can divert your mind by start studying a different subject or take a small break.

·  Study Material

JEE preparation tips from expert and toppers include following the best IIT JEE books. Your study material should be excellent in quality. Your 11th and 12th standard’s syllabus books along with IIT JEE preparation book from Arihant and other top publishers will help you to score well in this exam.

Winding It Up

So there were a few suggestions that IIT JEE toppers want to convey to other IIT JEE aspirants.  Before following any of them, remember that all the IIT JEE toppers had their own strategy for preparation. You too can develop your own way for the preparation of IIT JEE by taking inspiration from their ideas.

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