Tips to Score Good in UP Board 2019 English Exam

UP Board 2019 English Exam

UP Board examination 2019 is right around the corner and it is slowly getting on nerves for students. Before starting the preparation or revision for your board paper, you need to understand that every single individual has a different mindset for every other exam. Hence, if you haven’t done well in previous paper, don’t let it hamper your mood or confidence for the next paper. It is possible that even toppers have issues when it comes to English examination. In such a case, you need to have a proper, clear and positive study plan that can be effective during last time.

So, be time efficient and confident with effective plan for UP Board examination 2019 . However, it is always better to have to a proper revision time in that chart. During this time, one can go through with the practice paper and previous year question paper. So, let’s begin with the time plan.

  1. Know the subject – While making a time plan for
    UP Board 2019 English exam, you need to have depth knowledge about its syllabus and pattern. This will give you a brief idea on the total marks of grammar and literature aspect of the subject. Also, through this search, one can know their weakest point that can be resolved while giving extra time for the topic preparation.
  2. Daily Routine – While preparing a study schedule, one has to prepare a chart to cover up daily. This will allow the student to have enough of revision time and can easily cover up all the essential topics without a hitch. In addition to this, one can easily go through all the practice model paper and revision papers. This is an easy way to cover up all the important topics along with practice through papers.
  3. Sleep and rest – All study and no fun can make one undergo some severe stress issues. Hence, it is essential to have some time off from study and participate in some activities or sleep. In addition to this, healthy eating is also essential that can help in gaining all the nutrients. Good health is a must when it comes to Board examinations.
  4. Concentration – When it comes to UP Board 2019 English exam paper then one must understand that it is the most essential subject since everyone has to go through it irrespective of their stream. Even if you are extremely good in English, there is no use to ignoring it altogether. There is a time when students fail in English. Hence, one must concentrate on syllabus and pattern properly.
  5. Books – To have a through time in preparation, try to cover up NCERT at first that include literature book and grammar book. Once completed, you can go to reference books for grammar that can cover up many other topics from your end. At last, download the previous year question paper that can cover up all the syllabus for you. Make sure to give time to whole paper and cover all the essential part of the paper. If you are stuck at a point then clear that topic through notes or books.
  6. The night before – Many students actually start their preparation right before the examination (mainly at night). But it is the crucial time and one must not take it for granted just because it is an English examination. Hence, one must be relaxed throughout the night and don’t let their nerves get to them. Even if one is going through notes then it can mess with their mind due to nervousness. In such a condition, it is better to have proper sleep and food to have a fresh morning.
  7. Board Examination day – Since you will be sitting in the examination hall in a few minutes, you need to be calm and composed. There is no need to check out English notes or checking on the grammar or question answers. One must be mentally prepared while keeping a fresh approach in mind. All that is required is to concentrate and focus without worrying about English at all.
  8. Examination hallOnce, you receive your question paper, one must be prepared to face them with strength. In order to do so, read through the paper properly whether it is unseen passage or question about grammar. Then, make a rough sketch on how you are going to approach it. Start with the part that you are all set and confident about. Try to cover up the whole paper that you are confident about that can give you a thumbs up. Then, move towards the part in which you might not be confident about. If you are not confident about any question or don’t remember it, try not to panic and solve it at last.

The Bottom Line

No matter what happened during the examination, one has to maintain their patience level. This is to ensure that every question is covered with accuracy. English paper can be confusing sometimes but one must not move towards the panic state, take a deep breath and start with work. This will help you to solve questions with ease.

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