Book Summary: The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha

The Happiness Equation book summary

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Happy people don’t have the best of everything. They make the best of everything. Be happy first.” – Neil Pasricha

Happiness Equation: ‘Want Nothing + Do Anything = Have Everything

Do you want to know the idea of ​​the happiness equation? Read the book summary of “The Happiness Equation” by Neil Pasricha and write your equation for happiness.


Happiness is a secret and there are many secrets to happiness. Think of the world where everyone is happy! The perfect place to live, won’t it be? In his book The Equation of Happiness, Neil Pasricha has told people  the happiness secrets, urged people to find their lasting satisfaction in 3 simple steps, assessing dreams and ambition, simplifying decision-making, and boosting self-esteem.

He says that a common myth is that happiness comes after success. But, not many know that the opposite is true. One thing that you must remember is that happiness is your goal. It is not something that can happen overnight, it is your attitude that is built when you practice it all day, everyday.

There are many rewards that happiness adds to your life. However, it itself is the biggest reward. Happy people find it easy to learn new things and are more creative compared to their counterparts. Happiness is your positive attitude which will make your career brighter and life happier.

The book tells you 9 secrets of Happiness, here in “The Happiness Equation” book summary, we will discuss 5 secrets from the book… to know all secrets shared by Neil, buy and read the book. Summary will give you an idea, but you will get more by reading the complete book.

Let’s get started….

Secret 1: Be Happy First

We are being told that to be successful and happy you must work hard. It is a wrong perspective. With this teaching, you won’t stop chasing success – the race will be on for life, chasing good grades, promotion at work, and a luxury home.

As claimed by a Harvard Business Review, happy people are three times more creative, 31% more productive, and 37% more profitable. If you are happy, you will feel better and more productive. Other studies also claims people who live more happily live a longer life.The other thing is that our happiness depends on the situations and our genetic predisposition and the actions we take to improve our happiness.

Secret 2: Never Retire

Retirement is a myth, life has no retirement. This book suggests to stay away from this flawed, outdated concept. To find out why you should never retire, purchase the book and read it.

Secret 3: Don’t Take Advice

Neil Pasricha says that there is no perfect advice, so don’t take advice, instead start listening to yourself and have the courage to make your own decisions.

Secret 4: Be You

Neil encourages you to discover your authentic self and quit living on other’s expectations, he has shared the 3 tests that help you learn to be yourself.  This is one more reason to buy this book.

Secret 5: Do It for You

Don’t chase the external rewards, choose the intrinsic rewards/motivation and do everything to learn to accept yourself. In the book “The Happiness Equation”, Neil has discussed two types of motivation, three types of success and ways to build your self-acceptance and self-confidence. The Happiness Equation book summary gives you all the reasons to buy this book. Remember we are just scratching the surface, for details, dive deep.

Why to Read this book?

“The Happiness Equation” is a wonderful book to motivate yourself, it is full of personal anecdotes, scribbles, fun stories, and unique ways to convey the ideas. Most of the recommendations are backed by research studies. However, Neil Pasricha has revealed the equation that fits everyone’s life. So, know what’s your happiness equation, read the book!

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