What is Unique Land Parcel Identification Number (ULPIN) Scheme?

Unique Land Parcel Identification Number (ULPIN)

Unique Land Parcel Identification Number (ULPIN) scheme is in the news nowadays. It’s a new project announced by the central government as its related to your land. Whenever the central government announces a new scheme or implement a new rule, chaos gets created. People start getting much fake information about the scheme. So, we have compiled detailed information to burst the fear and ignorance related to ULPIN. If you are curious to know What is ULPIN Scheme? and how it will affect your life, scroll down the page. 

What is ULPIN Scheme?

The full form of ULPIN is Unique Land Parcel Identification Number. As shown by the name, its related to the land. In easier words, you can understand the scheme as an AADHAR card for the lands. In the AADHAR Card, we have the unique number with all our information from age, address, gender to bank accounts. In the same way, the central government wants the lands to have their unique numbers. 

With this unique land parcel number, the record of the land will become easy to store. The main idea to introduce ULPIN is to make the real state sector more transparent. In the first phase, the lands will get a unique number and later on, it will be linked with the AADHAR Card and other details of the owner. The experts believe that this Unique Land Parcel Identification Number scheme will help to have some control over black money invested in property. 

The central government will spend approx. Nine hundred fifty crore rupees in this scheme. The government will introduce it in 10 states in the year 2021, and the year 2022 is the target to link all the states with the scheme. Though the department of land resources has requested an extension in the given timeline to implement the scheme on the lands’ of all states. Here have a quick look at the features of the scheme and dig a bit more to know What is ULPIN; 

Features of Unique Land Parcel Identification Number (ULPIN)

The central government has its focus on digitalization. ULPIN is another step in the direction of making a digital India. Once the scheme gets implemented the lands’ record will be submitted to the authorities in digital form. As of now, the central government has not announced any changes in the land’s selling and buying procedure. However, it will not affect the scheme as ULPIN has just to identify the m]land and its owner. The scheme will bring a revolution in Indian land record-keeping methods. As it’s a talk of the town and many people are curious to know how the scheme will be implemented and whether it will be helpful or not, it’s a must for the competitive examinees to know that what is ULPIN. We have mentioned some quick information about the scheme here. It will help you to know the scheme more clearly and easy to keep in mind; 

  • Unique Land Parcel Identification Number (ULPIN) is a scheme launched by the central government. 
  • The ULPIN number will be allotted to the lands, and every piece of land owned by a single owner will have a unique identification number. Considering the basic idea behind the ULPIN, it can be called ‘AADHAR for Lands.’ 
  • ULPIN will help to reduce land disputes. It will also make it easier to identify the owners’ rights on a particular disputed land. However, the department will have to face challenges in the initial phase. The scheme will also prevent land fraud.
  • With the launch of the scheme, it will become easier to prevent land related frauds. It will especially help in rural areas where the land records are old and outdated. 
  • The ULPIN will be issued based on the longitude and latitude coordinates of the land. To release the unique number to the land, the department will have to do a detailed survey and take the help of geo-referenced cadastral maps. 
  • An after the launch and implementation of the scheme, it will be easier for the authorities to update Integrated Land Information Management System (ILIMS) and develop land banks.
  • The scheme will come under the Digital India Land Records Modernisation Programme. 
  • The total budget allotted to the scheme is 950 crore, and it comes under the Central Sector Scheme. 
  • ILIMS is the system that will contain the information on land use, parcel ownership of land, land value, location of the land, its boundaries and many others.
  • ULPIN will be implemented by the department of Land Recourses that comes under the Ministry of Rural Development. Though the scheme is under the supervision of the central government’s ministry, the states have the right to add state specific needs to it. 
  • The Unique Land Parcel Identification Number is the initiative taken under National Generic Registration System (NGDRS). It will be linked with the revenue courts’ land record and Aadhar Numbers, and many other revenue related records.
  • Here you must know the aim of NGDRS to know the real reason if introducing ULPIN. It aims to provide one software to one nation to offer ease in life and empower the country’s people. 
  • After giving a unique number to the land, the next step will be to link the land records with data available with banks. 
  • Once the land is marked, it will become easier for the policymakers to give more accurate numbers to agriculture and other departments and prepare plans accordingly.  

Benefits of ULPIN

Now you know what is ULNIP, and you must have got an idea about its benefits also. Let’s discuss how the Unique Land Parcel Identification Number Scheme will help ordinary people; 

  • After implementing ULPIN, a link will be established between all the properties owned by an individual. 
  • The land will get a unique ID, so their transitions, selling and buying process and record-keeping will become easier. The landowner can claim its land even after the records get lost somewhere. 
  • With the ULPIN, the land records will get updated instantly.
  • All the records will be available in a single window. It will save the time of people and government officials. 
  • All the stakeholders and policymakers will get access to the actual land records.   

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