6 Amazing Part Time Jobs for Students During Covid Times

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Part-time jobs for students allow them to earn without interrupting their studies and also gain some experience. Most of the time, we connect part-time student jobs only with pocket money, but the experience they gain at the work front is more important. It helps them in their first job. Getting part-time jobs in India is not difficult but making the right choice is a must. Earlier, college students used to look for part-time jobs during their vacations, but COVID has forced them to be home for a longer time. The vacations have extended due to a pandemic, so the students need to get a part-time job.  

The present time is one of the most difficult times that India is facing. Due to the pandemic, all the sectors are affected, and the education sector’s situation is worse. The board exams are canceled, and colleges are shut. The rising numbers of infected people with coronavirus are enough to increase the stress level. Students can take a part-time job to cope with the stress and use their vacant time. Various part-time jobs for students are available that they can do from their home. If you don’t want to step out of your house, then also you have many options for part-time jobs in India. Let’s know about the best part-time jobs for students during COVID time and the procedure to get them; 

Best Part-Time Jobs for Students During COVID 

COVID-19 has stopped life. The school and colleges are close due to this. No one knows when the pandemic will be in control, and we can breathe without a mask and enjoy have same old life. Meanwhile, we cannot spend precious time waiting for those golden days. Indians have been in the habit of finding some opportunity in a difficult time. The present COVID time can also be used to earn money. The students can pick any one of the following part-time jobs for students and start earning during COVID. Scroll down the page to know about the best part-time jobs for students; 

Online Tutor 

Being a tutor is an easy and most popular part-time job in India. In the present time, when social distancing is a must, the students can pick the option to offer online tuition. The board exams of Central and most of the state boards have been postponed. The rising cases of COVID-19 have forced school students to be home. So, the demand for online tutors is rising. Students need a tutor that will help them to stay in touch with their education.

 The online set-up for students doesn’t need much. You must have a laptop and a good internet connection. Various apps are already available in the play store that you need to download for online classes. You can take social media and word of mouth to approach the kids to take online tuitions from you. 

Remote Data Entry Operator 

Data Entry is an easy job for the students to earn money during vacations. In COVID time, the companies have become more interested in outsourcing the data entry work to those who can handle it remotely. In this job, you will have to compile or arrange the specific data of the company.

To start your work as a remote data entry operator, all you need is a laptop and internet connection. Many companies post their requirement for Data Entry operators on different job portals. You can approach the recruiters from there and get a part-time job during COVID. 

Content Writing 

Content writing is an interesting job for students that have a good grip on the language. The internet looks like a parallel world as we spend most of our time here. Every day more than 4.4 million blogs get published on the internet. Companies and their blogs need people that can write for them or about their products. Now more people have access to the internet, so the demand for content writers is increasing. 

If you are looking for the best part-time jobs for students, your search can stop at content writing. You can also start your blog and connect with the readers on the internet. 

To be a content writer, you must have a good grip on any language. You must know how to write down your thoughts in an easier language without any flaw. The part-time job needs a lappy with a strong internet connection. You can find the recruiters on FB or different job portals. 

Social Media Assistance 

All the companies have their presence on social media platforms. They need to be active on different social media and keep posting engaging content here. For this job, the companies hire social media assistance. The social media assistance is responsible for creating and post SEO-based content, videos and graphics. Companies usually hire freelancers for this work. 

You need to be very creative to be a social media assistance. Strong communication skills and a good grip of representing the ideas can get you a good part-time job in this sector. You will have to search for an employer on job portals as companies post their social media assistance requirements. 


The Internet era has created more opportunities for a translator. India is a land of various languages, and most of us want to read the content in our language. So, the companies have to provide the same content in a different language, so they need a translator. The students that have a good grip on languages can be a translator and offer their services remotely. To be a translator, all you need is good knowledge of the language, grammar, syntax and sentence structure. For this part-time job also a laptop and an internet connection are essential. 

Virtual Assistant 

In the segment of part-time jobs in India, Virtual Assistant is one of the highest-paying jobs. Many companies outsource many of the work that can be handled remotely, so they hire a virtual assistant. It is one of the best part-time jobs for the students as it has an exposer to experience corporate work culture. 

Most companies hire experienced professionals to be virtual assistants, so approaching a recruiter will have fewer chances of success. You can contact a virtual assistant providing firm. The firms prefer to hire young people and train them according to the needs of their clients. 

The Bottom Line 

COVID has changed a lot, but it cannot hold you back for a longer time. The above described amazing part-time jobs for the student will help you to stay busy in COVID time. We strongly believe that if you achieve something, you will find ways for it. The part-time jobs for students will keep them indoors and busy with something good. The time is precious and instead of wasting it on the internet, invest it in part-time jobs. 

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