What is Ayush Grid Project?

What is Ayush Grid Project?

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Ayush Grid Project is a health and IT based project launched by the Ministry of AYUSH. What are its aims? What are its undertakings? How successful is the Ayush Grid Project? In this article you will have all the answers to such questions. We will also be talking about the MoU that has been inked between the Ministry of AYUSH and MeitY. 

Let’s know more details about this project.

What is Ayush Grid Project?  

  • The Ayush Grid Project started its journey in 2018 for providing IT support to the AYUSH (Ayurved, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) ministry. Under the Digital India Program, the Project would enable the IT in helping the healthcare sector achieve operational efficiency, improved service quality and appropriate delivery of its services. 
  • The Ayush Grid Project not only aims to promote traditional healthcare systems like ayurveda, yoga, naturopathy etc but also seeks to offer different facilities like laboratories, hospitals etc. 
  • All the functions and services related to Ayush systems of medicine along with its stakeholders (students, industries, medical colleges etc.) will be integrated under the ambitious project. 

Components of Ayush Grid Project  

The components covered by the Ayush Grid Project are as follows: 

  • Health Services 
  • Education 
  • Ayush Research 
  • Central Sector and Centrally Sponsored Schemes 
  • Training Programmes 
  • Citizen Centric Services 
  • Drug Licensing Portal 
  • Media Outreach 

As part of the Ayush Grid Project, an IT course based on customisation was introduced for Ayush professionals in collaboration with C-DAC, Pune.  

Success of Ayush Grid Project 

  • The most successful operation of the Ayush Grid Project was the implementation of the AYUSH Health Management Information System (A-HMIS). It is a comprehensive IT platform that looks after the functioning of the health care delivery systems and patient care facilities under the Ayush ministry. The A-HMIS is based on THERAN or THE Research Application Nexus and is a cloud-based information system that is being utilised by an approximate 100 clinical establishments of the Ayush ministry so far. 
  • The success of the Ayush Grid Project can be traced in the launching of the mobile applications, Ayush Sanjivani and Yoga locator. Ayush Sanjivani looks after the measures adopted by people for improving immunity and enhancing overall health conditions in times of Covid. Through this application, users can contribute to the health research in India. 
  • The Yoga Locator app is about finding yoga instructors or Yoga training centres nearby and enrolling in a yoga course for improving immunity. The app also informs about upcoming yoga events around the city. Both the applications have been developed and rightfully implemented through the Ayush Grid Project. 
  • Under the ambitious project of Ayush Grid, Ayush Next was launched to help students pursuing education, particularly in the medical field. This interactive platform aims to make various avenues available for students so that they can grow professionally and contribute to the AYUSH sector. 

Other Initiatives Launched Under the Ministry of Ayush  

  • The Ministry of Ayush launched the NAMASTE portal on 17 October 2017. The day also happened to be the 2nd Ayurveda Day. The full form of “NAMASTE” portal is National Ayush Morbidity and Standardized Terminologies Electronic Portal. This portal is a storehouse of standardized terminologies and morbidity codes for Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha systems of medicines. The portal aims to report morbidity, treatment outcomes and development of further international terminologies. 
  • The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission that was launched in September 2021 aims to digitalise hospital records by providing IDs to Indian citizens. This initiative will help in accessing such records electronically and in an efficient way. 

MoU inked between Ministry of AYUSH and MeitY  

  • The Ministry of AYUSH and MeitY (Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the Ayush Grid Project. As per the pact, MeitY will extend IT support to the Ministry of AYUSH by the digitalisation of the sector. 
  • The MoU lasts for a 3-year term and is a continuation of the MoU already signed in 2019. MeitY along with the organisations under its umbrella would aid the Ayush Grid Project to adopt the newer technologies. 
  • The entire health care sector will be transformed as technology merges with research, education, drug regulations and different health programmes. 
  • The advisory inputs or the recommendations will be put forward by a High-Level Advisory Committee (HLAC). The Secretary of Ayush and the Secretary of MeitY will take positions in the committee as chairmen. 

Final Thought!  

The Ayush Grid Project has been progressing well with its correct implementation and proper functioning. Gradually, more stakeholders are going to be incorporated and the coming years will be witnessing more beneficiaries. The Ayush Grid Project is expected to serve nearly 8 lakh AYUSH physicians and 50 crore citizens of India. With such a tally, we can expect India to take a big leap in the digitalisation of the health sector.

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