What is Har Ghar Jal Yojna?

Har Ghar Jal Yojna

Water is essential to all, so the supply of pure water must be one of the most important priorities for the governments. The water crisis is real in today’s world, and in many documentaries, it has been mentioned that the water will be the reason for the next world war. Considering the poor water distribution in India, non-availability of pure water to every house, the central government announced ‘HarGharJalYojna.’

In HarGharJalYojna, the government plans to provide tap water to all the houses in India. The government has announced a budget of 3.5 lakh crore. The government aims to supply tap water through a water pipeline to each house till 2024. This endeavour of government will be beneficial to all people of the country. Though the central government launches the Scheme, the state government will be authorized to implement it on the ground level.

The Central Government of India, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, introduced one more ministry as ‘Jal Shakti Mantraly.’ The ministry will be responsible for water management related issues.  The Scheme is launched under this ministry only, but the states will play a major role in its implementation. HarGharJalYojna UP will be monitored by the UP government, and the same will be for all other states.

The number of people who don’t have water connections may vary from one state to another,so the budget is different for each state. Overall the Scheme is beneficial for the people who are still struggling to get water. Let’s know more about this Scheme, the benefits it offers, and the procedure to apply for them;

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What is Har Ghar Jal Yojna?

  • Har Ghar Jal Yojna means every home should have water. In India, the water distribution is not equal, and in some places like rural areas of Rajasthan, people have to go far to get some water.
  • Under this Scheme, the people will get water connections so that they can get water easily. Rajasthan is just an example, and most of the states have this uneven water distribution. So to overcome this issue, the government introduced this Scheme.
  • The Scheme is launched at pan India, and the state government will make sure that the Scheme will help the needful.
  • The central government has announced 2024 as the deadline to complete the target to offer water connections to all the eligible houses.

Why is the Scheme required?

  • Many people ask when India is having so many issues then why the government is in a hurry to implement this Scheme. Here are a few numbers that can open your eyes. In India, the total population is more than 100 crores. Still, 60 crores are facing water issues.
  • Lack of water and non-availability of pure water both are difficult issues for a populated country like India.
  • It is also expected that the demand for water will become double by the end of 2030. So this Scheme is the need of the hour.

What are the Benefits of Scheme

  • Those who will apply for the Scheme will get a water connection from the state authority.
  • The water connection will be free of cost, or the house owner will have to bear a minimal amount that can be annually or monthly based on the state’s procedure.
  • On getting the tap connection at home, the people will get the following two benefits; first, they will not have to go out to fetch the water from a well or river, and second, they will get the pure water at home.
  • The water source like well or pond don’t have pure water; hence people have to boil it and then refine it before drinking, or they drink it as it is. As a result of drinking impure water, the person gets a stomach infection or other water related issues. The diseases caused by water are so severe that they even kill people.
  • In rural areas,approx three lakh people die every year due to the diseases caused by drinking impure water. So the Scheme will also help people to lead a healthy life.
  • Availability of water will increase ease of living, and people, especially women, will not have to struggle to get water.

How to Apply For Scheme?

  • Applying for the Scheme will be different as the state governments are the responsible bodies to implement it. Here we have mentioned the procedure to apply for the Scheme in Utter Pradesh. So have a look at the steps to apply for HarGharJalYojna UP;
  • The deadline for Har Ghar Jal Yojna UP is 2022, which is two years earlier than the central government’s target. In the state, the Scheme will be implemented in four steps that include Bundelkhand, VindhyKshetra, Arsenic Fluoride,and  JE-AESE areas. The HarGharJalYojna UP will help 2,995 villages and 42 lakhs, people.
  • The gram panchayat and local municipality will be authorized bodies to provide water connections to all the houses. To apply for the HarGharJal Scheme UP, the individuals need not apply as their gram Pradhan or ward member will provide then the water connection under the Scheme. They can contact the local authority to get the benefits of the Scheme.

The Bottom Line

The central and the state governments announce many schemes for bettering their people, and HarGharJalYojna is one of them. The Scheme will help people to get access to pure water easily. We hope the article has helped you to understand the Scheme.

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