Lab on Wheels Launched under Jal Jeevan Mission: All You Need to Know

Jal Jeevan Mission

“Lab on Wheels” water testing laboratory has been recently launched by the state of Haryana on 12th October 2020 to test the quality of water in the state. The laboratory was introduced seeing fluoride, nitrate, iron and alkalinity affected water of the state. Lab on Wheels mobile laboratory has been launched under the Central Government’s Jal Jeevan Mission.

Points covered:

  • About Lab on Wheels
  • Significance of Lab on Wheels
  • What is Jal Jeevan Mission?
  • Jal Jeevan Mission – Interesting Facts

About Lab on Wheels

  • The mobile laboratory will test water for hardness, alkalinity, nitrate, chlorine, zinc, PH, turbidity and other microbiological tests.
  • The mobile water testing laboratory has been fully loaded with latest technological equipment and features including smart reporting devices, E-GPS-enabled location tracking, and sample data transmission, power backup with the ability to send results directly to a central server.
  • The lab also includes a LED display to immediately display results after analysis.

Significance of Lab on Wheels

  • Through Lab on Wheels under Jal Jeevan Mission, water testing facility can be implemented every corner of the state even to the remotest corner.
  • Under this, clean and safe water will be supplied as it is essential for public health, ensuring the water supply along with regular testing.
  • The Jal Jeevan Mission of the Ministry of Jal Shakti is aimed at providing tap water connection to every home in the rural areas by 2024.

What is Jal Jeevan Mission?

  • The aim of Jal Jeevan Mission is to provide clean drinking tap water to every rural household in India by 2024.
  • The scheme was executed on a full scale, it does not just aimed to provide clean drinking water but also employment opportunities to the migrant workers.
  • The development of the infrastructure of the scheme was carried out with the help of migrant workers.
  • Implementation of the Jal Jeevan Mission offered livelihood opportunities to the migrant workers and clean drinking water that helped in rural development on a wide scale throughout the country during the times of COVID-19.

Jal Jeevan Mission – Interesting Facts

  • The state of Goa became the first state in the country to provide tap water connection for drinking water to all the households in the state, covering every corner of the state.
  • The scheme intends to provide 55 litres of clean tap water per person per day.
  • The scheme implemented by the Ministry of Jal Shakti to provide clean water to even rural households in the country.
  • Under the scheme, the available source of water is also tested.
  • The Lab on Wheels under the mission solves the problem of lack of water testing infrastructure in remote rural areas of the country.

Wrapping Up

Clean drinking water supply is the right of every household in the country. It will ensure the survival of children and families. Clean water is as important as breathing clean air.

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