How Visuals in E-learning Makes Learning an Interesting Experience?

Visuals in E-learning

Blaming your memory for not scoring good? Well, before doubting yourself answer some easy questions. Do you find it difficult to learn the lyrics of any song? Do you forget the storyline of the movies you have watched several years ago (that too after watching it just one time)? If the answer to the above questions is No, then Bingo! Your memory has got no issues. So what makes studies so complicated? To begin with, our brain has some very interesting features. The amount of data it can process and retain is tremendous. It just depends on how this information is fed to this amazing organ.

Diagrams, Flowcharts, Maps and Pictures are loaded with information which gets absorbed by the brain quickly and more efficiently as compared to the textual information. The pace with which technology is aiding every sector is insane. Elearning which provides curriculum completely online has also reaped the benefits of the advanced technology in the form of visual learning. So let us aware ourselves of how Visual Learning changes the process into an interesting experience.

Understanding Visual Learning

The process of communicating with visuals dates back to the time when humans drew symbols and graphics on walls before a complex textual language was invented. It is from our ancestors we have inherited this useful technique and modified it as per our use. Today, interpretation of any information through graphs, maps, diagrams or pictures comes under the category of Visual Learning.

How Advanced Visual Learning has become?

The advancements in technology are at such a high pace that it almost gives birth to a new learning method almost every day. Earlier the visuals used by the e-learning sector were limited to just the conventional two-dimensional figures, graphs, maps and pictures but now we have access to an endless number of new techniques to feed information to our brains. And guess what, our brain which is ever hungry to munch more and more, absorb these advanced visuals with greater ease. Three-dimensional figures and videos are now in vogue for e-learners (the new generation learners).

How Powerful are Visuals in eLearning?

By investing long years as a student, you must have realised that a page full of text can be potent enough to drop you in a state of involuntary slumber. On the contrary, huge amounts of data converted into a simple flowchart or a well-labelled diagram seem to be an easy and smart way of learning. Through surveys and experiments, it has been proved that visuals are a powerful mode of learning and in combination with hot gadgets and high-speed internet it has given ‘learning’ a complete makeover! I came across some interesting scientific facts mentioned in an article posted at

  • As per research, 65% of the population comes under the category of visual learners.
  • The brain processes visual information about 60,000 faster than text.
  • 90% of the information that reaches the brain is visual.
  • 40% of all nerve fibres connected to the brain are linked to the retina.
  • Visual aids in the classroom improve learning by upto 400%
  • Our eyes can register 36,000 visual messages per hour.
  • It only takes ¼ of a second for our brain to process and attach meaning to a perceived image.

These scientific facts are well supported with surveys and bear the proof that the term ‘Visual Learning ‘ is not overhyped. It is very clear from the above-mentioned facts that

  • An e-learning course would seem to be attractive to the students if it is loaded with information supported with advanced visuals.
  • The information through visuals would be retained for a longer period of time by the brain of e-learners.
  • As learning becomes easier with visuals, the students would develop an interest in understanding concepts rather than mugging up the content.
  • As it is a smart way of learning, visuals prompt the brain to work in a smarter and efficient way increasing the aptitude, stimulating the cognitive abilities of the e-learner.
  • Visuals make long-lasting impressions on the memory of e-learners.
  • With the aid of powerful visuals, e-learners can easily interconnect and interrelate subjects for better understanding.

Wrapping Up

Hard Work is important but when it is combined with smart work through visuals, the results are remarkable. So, when opting for an eLearning course, do assure that it has appealing and efficient visuals. Trust me, it would save your time guaranteeing super grades.

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