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The concept of online classes and learning has come a long way. The transition from the traditional classroom learning to online remote learning has been gradual and smooth. In the late twentieth century correspondence and distance education and learning was quite a thing. Many students from villages and far off places took to correspondence and distance learning to finish off their graduation and post graduation. This was an introduction to let higher education seep into the remotest places in the country. This was fairly a successful attempt.

With the advent of technology in the 21st century online learning and education took over the world. Besides having reached to remotest places in the country it has made education a global interaction. Students and teachers across the world interact and engage in a learning process. The current pandemic which left us all isolated from the world around us made virtual education and connection more relevant.

Advantages of Online Learning

Apart from being education accessible online education has many other advantages. Some of them are:

  1. A person with zeal to learn is in a position to get access to any course either for graduation or a diploma. This brought world class education into the homes of many.
  2. Online classes are far more economically affordable since the student does not have to move out of the city for it.
  3. The current situation that the pandemic has created makes online education the only option available to keep ourselves safe.
  4. Online education also conducts classes for various art forms. Many art forms which are not popular in a particular state or a country can be easily learnt through virtual classes. For example people living in the United States get to learn classical music from teachers living in India.
  5. It makes world class education and expertise accessible to everybody.
  6. Students can juggle between different career paths and enhance their skills while working a conventional 9 to 5 job.

Since online learning has become the new normal for all the educational institutions worldwide many students who have been accustomed to traditional classroom learning find it very difficult to concentrate and engage in a enriching learning experience. Of late online education is being taken up by schools as well. The school students and teacher find it way more difficult to engage with each other. Since the teacher and student are virtually connected it becomes extremely tough for the students to concentrate. This being the new normal for students of this generation online learning is the only option available. Hence students need to follow certain tricks to feel engaged and make full use of this opportunity.

The 11 Hacks of Becoming a Pro at Online Learning

  1. Treat it like it is traditional classroom class: Firstly students and teachers must come to terms with the fact that traditional classrooms will take time to get back. Hence students and teachers should treat these classes as traditional classrooms. This can bring in lot of seriousness and concentration to the whole learning process. The students should make sure to attend the live classes instead of being complacent about it and choosing a recorded class.
  2. Join a virtual study group: Since there is no discussion about the topics taught in class among students it very easy to lose touch with topic after few days. So the students are advised to join a virtual whatsapp group or any other virtual group for having a discussion on the topics.
  3. Use the resources provided: Students are expected to make full use of the resources given by the teacher and are advised to go through them before the class.
  4. Have a designated study space: Since the students are learning from home where the chances of being extremely comfortable are high they are advised to have a designated study space. It makes the student feel more present and not get distracted by the various other things that go around in the house.
  5. Take Notes: Since all the information is available online students tend to avoid taking notes but this makes it more complicated while revision. Students are advised to take notes as he or she listens to the class.
  6. Take note of upcoming deadlines: Students need to be extra diligent with the coming deadlines as virtual classes do not have a reminder.
  7. Keep a track of the schedule: Since students attend the online classes alone there are chances of being forgetful of time tables. Hence keeping a track on the time table is necessary.
  8. Ask for help: If the student is lagging behind or finding it difficult to understand any topics he or she is advised to ask for help. This makes the student to be up to date with the syllabus of the subject.
  9. Do not procrastinate: Students are advised to keep up with the schedule and avoid any procrastination in terms of preparation and revision. It will not keep the student lagging behind with the syllabus.
  10.  Stop over scheduling: Since online classes do not require the same amount of time as the classroom classes students tend to over schedule their week or day and literally squeeze in time for these online classes. This needs to be avoided as they do not let you concentrate.
  11.  Check email regularly: Since the institution regularly communicates with students via e mail, checking email is very essential. It keeps you updated about all the classes and tests and avoids last minute hustle.

Since as online learning is the only option available for all levels of education students need to extra diligent and serious with their classes. Time Management is also an important tool to excel with online learning and education.

Though online classes and learning has many drawbacks and limitations with certain amount of concentration and meticulous approach towards education all of these can be eliminated. Online classes can be more advantageous and time efficient if all the above mentioned hacks and tips are followed.

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